Google’s Latest Headquarters in London is a ‘Landscraper’


Imagine coming to work at one of the best architectural infrastructures in the world, which not only looks great externally but gives you the best of internal amenities to make your work experiences dream-like! This is what over 4,000 Google employees is about to experience in their latest headquarters in London.

The final plan of action has been submitted to Camden Council after having a lot of trails and errors between Google and the architects. The department of ‘Zone A’ is due to start in 2018 and would overlook the King’s Cross Railways. The finishing touch has been given by Bjarke Ingels Group in collaboration with Heatherwick Studios – there were previously famous for the new look of London Routemaster buses and 2012 London Olympic Cauldron. Google had initially planned to work with AHMM in 2013, but they chose Bjarke instead.


As posted by Architect’s Journal, Google has invested approximately £1 billion for this architecture. The main building has 11-storey with a space of 80,819 square meters. There is an extension of 330 meters of ground that is allocated to ‘plinth’ of shops along with ground-floor entrances to step inside the office. The design has been done leaving various options open for future changes.

Designer Thomas Heatherwick admitted that he was inspired to build the office in such a manner because the hub connects London’s main commuting links. He was fascinated with the blend of diverse buildings, infrastructural space, railway station, canals, and roads. He made sure that his masterpiece is made with a group of interchangeable elements that ensures that the building is flexible not just for now, but for the upcoming years.

The interior of the building will be mainly given over to open-plan offices.

The amenities provided are more than you can expect – there are meeting rooms, cafes, three-lane space, massage rooms, swimming pool, multi-use game zone for basketball and football, an auditorium with 210 seats for product announcements or discussions, and more. The most attractive part is the rooftop. It has a 300-meter garden divided into different zones – one of the zones is filled with woodland plants and wildflowers and is known to be the ‘pause’ zone where you take out time to relax. There is also a café and a 200 meter long ‘trim trail’ to run or jog at the rooftop.

Presently, Google’s employees are working in different sites across London – there are some properties in the King’s Cross area itself. Once the new building is ready to operate, all the employees would come under one roof. This infrastructure is the first ever building outside the US, that is completely owned and designed by Google.

The main entrance will be opposite King’s Cross Tube station

Google recommitted to this project after Brexit last year. CEO Sundar Pichai said that he believes that the UK has a lot of potential in computer science and looks forward to a great future with talents. He seeks the best of educational institutions, passion driven and innovative people. The company is pretty excited about their latest venture and is looking forward to a grand opening.

Images: Google