15 different uses of iPhone headphones you need to know


We all know that Apple has moved onto another level of technology by introducing EarPods instead of the wired headphones. However, you will still see a lot of people using the wired headphone, and probably you too have one pair. iPhone headphones can give you more uses that you know, which is why you should rethink before giving up on them.

Things you should know about iPhone headphones

Below, we have segregated the uses of iPhone headphone in terms of music and streaming apps, phone calls, Siri and camera usages. Go through them to know what more to expect from them:

Music and Streaming Apps

  1. If you want to play or pause a song from the ‘Music’ app or any other music app you use like Podcasts of Spotify, you simply need to tap the center button.
  2. If you want to listen to the next song, double tap the center button.
  3. Many times we want to go back to the beginning of the song we are already listening to. Sometimes it moves onto the next and you want to go back again. Press the center button 3 times to replay.
  4. If you want to fast forward without wanting to touch the screen, double tap the center button and hold.
  5. You can also rewind the song by triple tap and then by holding it till you reach the exact moment you want to.


Phone Calls

  1. The most common use is to press the center button to answer a call.
  2. To hang up a call you can press the button as well.
  3. Ignore a call by pressing the button for two seconds and release.
  4. If you need to receive another incoming call, while you are already on a call, you can shift the first caller to hold by pressing the button once.
  5. You can again switch between calls by pressing the button.
  6. If you want to end one call, you have to double tap on the call you want to end and then get back to the call you want to continue.
  7. If you want to ignore the second incoming call, you can simply press the button and hold it for two seconds.
  8. You don’t need to use your hands while talking because of the built-in microphone.


  1. When you want to activate Siri without unlocking your phone, simply press and hold onto the center button till Siri pops up to be at your service.

Camera and Video Apps

  1. If you want to take a picture or video you can press either of the volume buttons.

It is surprising that most iPhone users don’t know these usages and treat the pair of headphones like any other regular headphones we have used so far. However, with Apple comes with great innovation and we hope you’re glad to have been updated about these uses!