Muslims unite to condemn terror attack in Manchester


Hundreds of Muslims have condemned the attack in Manchester last night which has left 22 people dead and 59 injured.

It is unclear what caused this explosion at the Ariana Grande event in the Manchester Arena last night many have already speculated its terrorism related and who do you blame for that is all the Muslims.

Infact the truth is dozens of Muslims rushed to the scene to help those caught up in the attack. Many Muslim Taxi drivers turned off their meters and offered free rides to help. Muslim NHS workers worked tirelessly helping the injured this was all done because they care.

The reality is Muslim taxi drivers are offering free lifts, Muslim doctors working saving lives, Muslim o-negative blood donated #Manchester

— Kate Teneighty (@KTeneighty) May 23, 2017

Muslim taxi drivers are offering free lifts, and a Muslim doctor working into the night saving lives. Terrorism is not Islam ♥️ #Manchester

— Inshal khan (@Inshalkhan) May 23, 2017

People using this as an opportunity to hate on Muslims is sick. We as Muslims condemn attacks like this just as much as anyone. #Manchester

— Hesham Bilal-Hafiz (@hesham786) May 23, 2017

Muslims in #Manchester are offering free rides to the people in the area. This should stop people blaming Muslims for the attack.

— M Hanzala Tayyab MHT (@OfficialHanzala) May 23, 2017

‘Muslims are to blame’- When really Muslim taxi drivers are offering free lifts, and Muslim doctors working late saving lives in #Manchester

— Ayesha Afzal (@AyeshaaAfzal) May 23, 2017