Stormzy Net Worth and Earnings 2016 – 17

Stormzy Net Worth

UK rapper Michael Omari who is known as Stormzy, came into the limelight after his hit track ‘Shut Up’ released in 2015. As a child, he was always interested in hip and hop and listened to various hip hop tracks. He then decided to try his passion and started rapping from the age of 11. During his teenage, he got into some trouble that led him to get expelled during his 6th form. He opted to choose music as his career and soon started working full-time. Here, we will give you some more detail on Stormzy profession and Stormzy net worth.

Stormzy Profession

Stormzy was born on 26th July 1993, in the town of Croydon, London. He was raised in Thornton Heath and his upbringing included a lot of exposure to hip hop music. He started singing when he was 11 and competed with older rappers in local clubs. He was mischievous as a kid but that landed him into trouble and he was expelled from school.

Stormzy started taking rap more seriously and it soon became his full-time career. He had also managed to pursue an apprenticeship in a spa to support his living as times were tough. He also worked in Southampton oil refinery as one of their quality assurance agents.

For the next few years, he kept honing his skills by playing freestyle beats. In summer 2014, he could release an independent debut, ‘Dreamers Disease’. The track was relatively famous and his success got him to perform in a television program in UK. He was also offered to collaborate with rapper Chip in their track ‘I’m Fine’.

stormzy net worth

Within a year he debuted with his own single ‘Know Me From’. He had written the song himself and that brought him quite a lot of fame. He reached 2nd on the UK Indie chart, 7th on the UK R&B chart, and 49th on UK singles chart. Stormzy then continued with another track ‘Wicked SkengMan 4 and got into the 18th position in the UK Singles chart, in the 8th position UK Singles Download Chart and in the  2nd position in UK Indies chart and R&B chart.

The rapper continued to come up with new tracks and garnered view and earned money. Some songs that continued his success were Scary, Big for Your Boots, and more. It is time to move onto the most integral part of our article, and tell you about Stormzy Net Worth.

Stormzy Net Worth

Stormzy was one of the celebrities under the ‘Cash Princes’ list by Forbes in 2017. This was much surprising as his first album ‘Gang Signs & Prayers’ is now the on top of all. It has also got the maximum streams for any top album within a week. Stormzy net worth is over £1.5 million by now.

According to the list, the rapper leads his way financially and could probably be one of the celebrities to make it to the Cash Kings list by Forbes. This list includes the top 20 highest earning rap songs. In 2016, this list was topped by P. Diddy with a total valuation of £50 million.

The Cash King list is only about the net worth, while the Princes list includes public reach and musical influence. All artists on this list have to be rap or hip-hop stars. They have to come under the age of 30 and also not feature on it before. Stormzy net worth and music made his way through into this industry, and he made good money within a short span of time. We hope the 23-year-old has a long way to go and we get to update more on the Stormzy Net Worth.