Top 2 UK Cashback Sites: Save £££s Shopping Online


Our top 2 UK Cashback sites most claim to give you free money when you shop online we found these to be the most reputable in the industry.


UK cashbackThe best-known UK cashback site is undoubtedly Quidco. It has the most professional looking interface out of the many available sites and it’s easy to use.

All you need to do is simply register and sign into the site and search the site for what you’re looking to buy. They have partnered with over 4500 brands to bring you this service. Once you find what you was looking to buy simply click the link to make the cashback tracking happen once the item is purchased Quidco will send money straight into your bank account at certain intervals.

Quidco was the first to use a two tiered membership system both are free to join the difference between the two is the Premium membership just retains the first £5 cashback you earn in that year, in exchange you also get a faster cashback payments and advanced customer service with a support call back at your convenience only Monday to Friday not bad for a fiver.

Top Cashback

UK CASHBACKOur second recommendation is Top Cashback very similar to Quidco, Works exactly the same as Quidco but no need to sign in and see the cashback value you can simply jump onto the site search your product and Top Cashback will provide you the potential cashback rates.

If you do shop online regular, it’s worth signing up to both Top Cashback and Quidco and checking between both for cashback rates and they can sometimes haggle in an exclusive cashback rate so you do not want to miss that opportunity. We have noticed Top Cashback to offer better rates at times that’s why they go by adverting they are the most generous cashback site.