Preorders of Samsung Galaxy S8 Smashed Their Records So Far

Galaxy s8

You might know that the Galaxy S8 was available to the general public last week. What you might not know is that it broke sales record before even selling one unit! The preorders for both Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ were 30% more in demand than the figure last year for S7 and S7 Edge.

Although the numbers haven’t been disclosed, they admitted that S8 had the highest presale orders for Samsung. After Samsung Galaxy Note 7 failed the scrutiny, the company has surely regained their faith with such a response on their latest launch.

Galaxy Note 7 had had a major influence on their reputation, which greatly backfired after the negative incidents related to it. However, they left no stones unturned for promoting the exclusivity of Galaxy S8 series.

Tim Baxter, Samsung’s COO and American President, optimistically stated that the company believes in manufacturing groundbreaking products, which millions of people can enjoy. He went on saying that they recommitted themselves to create more products and services that are currently in process.

Tim also mentioned about the battery efficiency of the latest models, and it comes with a special eight-point battery safety check. This is definitely related to the exploding batteries of Note 7, which has now been banned from using in aircrafts worldwide.

S8 has received positive reviews in an overall. One interesting highlight than people do mention is about the button-free display. Tim stated that they were humbled and enthusiastic with the preorders, hoping that people will have a greater response post launch. He said that Samsung is constantly pushing boundaries for a better, smarter and more exciting experience for their customers.

The post-launch scenario hasn’t resulted in a full rating for them. Some early birds complained that the device had red-tined screens. However, Samsung quickly acknowledged the concern and promised to solve it with their next software patch.

One more complaint on the list is about Bixby – the hyped AI assistant. The feature is GALAXY S8availed with the help of the side buttons on the device but is known to not work at full power. Samsung said that this issue will not last until spring. Thus, some S8 users might want to lookout for other alternative uses of the button. However, Samsung can block any usage that debars their projected mechanism.

Currently, we are not sure on how successful S8 would turn out to be. However, if it can resolve its issues within a short time, it might have a better response from the consumers.