Best shows to watch on Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime

If you’ve had enough of Netflix there is something you would like to turn to. Yes, you’ve guess it right… its Amazon Prime! The presence of Amazon Prime is increasing day by day, and it is a must-have for all television lovers. We have picked the best shows to describe why you should shift to Amazon Prime.

Top shows on Amazon Prime

1. Into the Badlands

If you’re looking for some raw content on martial arts, look no further! Presently, they have their second season running, and it is all about the post-apocalyptic trials of Daniel Wu (character Sunny). The first season is available already, while you get two weekly episodes of the current one.

2. Transparent

Transparent is a drama and comedy series by Jill Soloway, and alleged to be the best hit on Amazon Prime. The series is running on the third season and unfolds across the character Maura, who lived three decades of her life as a man, and then transitioned into who she wanted to be. The story goes around a sensitive plot but has fun and entertainment to goof up.

3. The Walking Dead

This is one of horror hits that you would like to add on your list if you like the genre. Amazon Prime will let you have the first 6 seasons of The Walking Dead along with your subscription, while you can buy the current season once you’re over with these.

4. Please Like Me

Please Like Me is one of the sharpest sitcoms in ages, and you a vital reason to turn to Amazon Prime! The show has a bitter edge to humor by portraying mental issues, awkward dates, messy threesomes, loser friends and even abortions. However, the whole of it is quite sarcastic and humorous. They are running on their 4th (and last) season, so it is the best time to grab the series!

5. Extant

This is an ambitious sci-fi series led by Halle Berry. With not much of amazement, the first series garnered quite a lot of views. The second season seems more interesting and addresses themes like alien contact, advancement of humanity, artificial intelligence, and more.

6. Outlander

This is a time traveled romantic drama inspired by the novels of Diana Gabaldon. It revolves around a married nurse surviving at the end of World War II. She mystically transports back to 1743 in Scotland and falls in love with a Highland warrior, and gets caught up to change history and prevent the battle of Culloden. You could like this series if you are into history and fantasy. The first two seasons are available at present, while the third is due in September.

7. Lucifer

The Devil has been abandoned from Hell and currently helps police detectives to resolve crimes! The story has diverged from the comic inspiration, but the performances will keep you hooked. The final five episodes are set to come out on 2nd May, so you could quickly go through the ones available.

8. Man in the High Castle

This is alternate history series exhibiting America during the time when Nazis won World War II. It could get you a little uncomfortable but brings you to the harsh truth of that era. It currently has the first two seasons and will premiere the third season by 2017.

There isn’t a single reason that can keep a television-buff away from this wonderful piece by Amazon! If you are looking for more shows to watch on Amazon Prime, you should lookout for shows like Mr Robot, Preacher, Bosch, Patriot, Ripper Street, Mozart in the Jungle, The Americans, Sneaky Pete, and more.