Libyan Muslim Immigrant Dedicates Life to Fostering Terminally Ill Children

muslim immigrant

Acknowledging the fact that we have responsibilities towards the world is a blessing in itself. Most of us look for ways to donate and serve the needy. However, having them under our supervision, at all times, is quite a deal.

Fostering children is one way to spread love and care. While there are people who find it shameful, there are others who go ahead and do it. We write about one such individual who has already fostered children for over 2 decades and devotes his entire life to do so. To top this up, he fosters terminally ill kids with no family support.

Mohamed Bzeek moved to the States from Libya in 1978 for higher education. He soon met his late wife, Dawn, and took inspiration from her grandparents on fostering children. Bzeek and Dawn continued the legacy from 1989. All the children were sick and would eventually die.

muslim immigrant

The couple lost their first foster child in 1991 and took some time to sink it in. It was a 1-year-old girl born with a spinal disorder. The mother of this child was a farm worker and had inhaled toxic pesticides, which eventually killed her.

Bzeek and Dawn revived their good days when their child Adam, came to life. However, he suffered from brittle bone condition and dwarfism from birth. This was a turning point where the couple decided to foster more terminally ill kids.

Today, Adam is 19 years old and weighs just over 60 pounds. He still has his medical conditions but manages to move about the house with his father’s handmade body skateboard. Adam is aware of the other foster children who come home and the fact that they might all die. Mohamed himself is well aware of what it takes to foster sick children. The worst part is the feeling that they will all die, but he still manages to put in his best.

Dawn suffered from seizures and felt really weak. The couple ended their marriage in 2013, and Dawn died a year later. Bzeek continued to carry their good deed and started looking after the kids himself. He has lost 10 children in his journey so far.

Presently, he is taking care of 6-year-old deaf and blind girl. She also has paralyzed legs and arms, but a strong soul. Mohamed keeps talking to her and she understands that somebody is taking care. Dr. Suzanne Roberts from Children’s Hospital Los Angeles oversees the girl and believes that she would have died by now if it wasn’t for Bzeek to foster her.

muslim immigrant

Mohamed mostly stays indoors for his children, apart from his Friday prayers at the Mosque or hospital visits. His foster girl has a major risk of choking, and she has to sit and sleep to prevent the issue. Mohamed sleeps on a couch beside her but doesn’t get to rest much. He never took an off in this journey, since 2000.

The little girl wants to be held when she is in a good mood. She has her ways to express what she wants to, even when she cannot speak. There are times when she enjoys by herself, feels content, and those are Mohamed’s moment of joy and achievement.

The story of Mohamed and Dawn has touched hearts of millions. A GoFundMe page was set up to enhance his journey. The initial goal was to acquire $100k, but by the writing time, they drew closer to $400k.

The money will be invested in air conditioning and heating for making the lives of the children more comfortable. They will also have additional nurses to take care, a new van, renovated roof and some money for Adam’s education.