Son of a Bangladeshi man moves on to Eton after winning a £76,000 scholarship


Kaashif Kamaly an exceptional student who studied at Forest Gate School in east London. Kaashif is the son of a Bangladeshi immigrant and is expected achieve straight A* in all subjects. The fifteen-year-old has won a £76,000 scholarship to study at a high-status school

Kaashif Kamaly will follow down the same path as Prince William and Harry. He will mingle with the cream of the crop, when he starts at the school close to Windsor, to begin his studies in September. Kaashif, is the middle child having an older brother, Ihtisham 21 and a much younger sister Tasneem 9. Kaashif is looking forward to attending Eton, but vows he won’t forget his beginnings.

He said:

‘My family have struggled their entire life to make a better future for me and my siblings

Kaashif pays tribute his father an immigration officer, Shah, at Heathrow Airport despite a disability, as a great example to what you can achieve if you work hard, and thrive to do your best. His mother was born in Bangladesh, while his father was British Born, but moved to Bangladesh to be schooled. He returned to London to finish his education and to go on to work.

To Kasshif his father will always be his ‘hero’ saying that he passed on the work ethos that encouraged him to gain high grades.

He said

 ‘My dad has a lot of injuries, shattered knee and     slipped disc. He crosses London every day to work at Heathrow airport to work as an immigration officer. He is my hero.

Kaashif is presently attending Forest Gate Community School, where two thirds of pupils have been classified as underprivileged, Ofsted have rated the school exceptional. The school was rated 14th highest in the country for GCSE results, as well as winning this year the Evening Standard Best School in Challenging Circumstances award.

Kaashif, who is predicted A* in all his GCSEs, added:    ‘Eton is a fantastic school, probably the best in the    country, but what the teachers have helped me    achieve, at Forest Gate Community School is even bigger.’

Eton, was instituted by Henry VI in 1440, and in it’s time has shaped a mass of leading public figures, including the former Prime Minster David Cameron and Home Secretary Boris Johnson Prime Minister.

Assistant headteacher Omar Deria With Bangladeshi Kaashif Kamaly.

Other renowned Etonians comprise of cultural figures such as Percy Bysshe Shelley, George Orwell, Hugh Laurie and Damian Lewis.

Kaashif added:

 ‘It is much harder to help someone make something of themselves coming from this background than it will   be at top independent schools. ‘That doesn’t make me feel intimidated. Instead it has built a fire inside me. It just means I have to worker harder, longer

Kaashif is not the first pupil to have won a scholarship to Eton from Forest Gate Community School. A former pupil Ishak Ayiris also won a place in 2014.He is now studying at the School of African and Oriental Studies

Head teacher Simon Elliott said:

‘Something has happened at this school that is difficult to quantify. ‘We have students now who despite coming from one of the poorest areas in the country have the same belief as pupils at top independent schools, that nothing is out of their reach.’     

Because Kaashif is in full employment the family are not eligible for pupil premium money although they come from a low socio economic circumstances.

Despite receiving a 100 per cent scholarship to Eton which clearly shows the family fully meet the low-income requirement needed.

Kaashif is the first in person in his family to go to university.

Featured Image Joe Newman