Oscars 2017: Actor Mahershala Ali first Muslim to win Academy Award

mahershala ali

‘Moonlight’ actor expressed his gratitude to his wife and tutors in an outstanding speech.

In a predictable yet, glorious win for Best Actor in a Supporting Role during the 89 Academy Awards. Mahershala Ali gave an unpretentious speech, acknowledging the people in his life who assisted him achieving such an earned triumph.

 Mahershala Ali began…..

 “I want to thank my teacher, my professors,” the ‘Moonlight’ actor began. “One thing they consistently told me that’s I wasn’t about you. It’s not about you. It’s about these characters, you are a servant. You’re in the service to these stories and these characters.”


He also went on to thank ‘Moonlight’ Director Barry Jenkins as well as his fellow actors and all off the crew. He also motioned to his wife and daughter who was 96 hours old.

Every heart must have melted in the room when he went on to say:


“I want to thank her for being such a soldier through this process and carrying me through it all,” he said.    

It was the perfect stylish start to the Oscars.

Ali has broken down invisible barriers, he is the first Muslim actor to win an Oscar, not an easy feat in 2017, when the White House has placed travel restrictions on individuals from several Muslim majority nations. As the fifth black actor to gain a Supporting Actor Oscar, he is now in the club of other great actors. I am sure in future we will see many more, and rightly so. For the barriers have finally been toppled.