Muslim Teacher Juhel Miah Denied Entry into United States

juhel miah

A muslim teacher was stopped from entering the United States whilst accompanying other teachers and students on a scheduled school trip.

Mr Miah is still shocked by this unexpected turn of events. Mr Miah wants an explanation to why he was signaled out in this way.

Mr Miah flew to Iceland with other members of his party, before boarding a connecting flight to New York on the 16th of February. But before the plane had even left the tarmac, he was removed from the plane by the airports security staff.

Mr Miah first name is Mohamed, though this is more commonly shortened to Juhel. The respected teacher was shepherding eight pupils when he was ordered to leave the plane. He explained to the security staff that he was traveling with 39 students as well as 5 other teachers.

The respected teacher from Swansea said he had a valid visa and that it didn’t expire until 2019 also he explained to the officers that he didn’t have a criminal record. He found the whole incident uncomfortable as other passengers on the plane were looking at him in a judgmental way, which made him feel very small.

He repeatedly asked why they wanted him to leave the plane with them. No one would give him an explanation.

Mr Miah has a valid British passport and does not have dual nationality and his families ethnic background is Bangladeshi. So, the only conclusion he could come to, is that he was removed because he was a Muslim.

Mr Miah teaches maths at a 700-pupil school said he was denied from entering the American Embassy in Reykjavik. Naturally Mr Miah feels deeply embarrassed and troubled by this turn of events and rightly so.  Given that he has not been given a reason why he was asked to leave the plane and that added to, no apology forthcoming.

The Muslim Council was deeply troubled, by what happened adding that incident’s “Undermine equality and civil life”.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office said they were providing support to the man prevented from boarding a flight in Reykjavik.

Juhel Miah
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