International flights from Sylhet Osmani to begin from March


In 1998, after eighteen years when Sylhet Airport was pronounced as an international airport, to and from international flights operation at the airport will kick-off on March 18 with ‘Flydubai’ taking the lead.

As initially confirmed, the airport operation was mainly for domestic flights from Shahjalal International Airport by the country’s national carrier Biman Bangladesh Airlines. On the 20th of December, 1998, ‘Sylhet MAG Osmani International Airport’ came up as a result of improvement on the airport.

On March 18, ‘Flydubai’ being Dubai-based airlines will be starting it’s to and from Sylhet MAG Osmani International Airport straightaway flight operations. 

According to the Station Manager of ‘Flydubai’, Sylhet, (Masum Mia), stated that, “We’ve taken important arrangements to begin the non-stop flight operation on March 18 next. In the initial three months, There will be flights operation from Sylhet to Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia five days a week and later for seven days a week.” 

According to him, “The Civil Aviation Authorities Bangladesh (CAAB) has already given us the clearance to begin flight operation.” 

The airport monitoring team stated some 600-700 travelers embark on various places by the flights of Biman Bangladesh Airlines consistently. A Biman flight is the best to rely on for having no further choice. 

Just about 50 lakh deportees of the Sylhet area have been living in the UK, the USA and the Middle East nations. They need to experience a considerable measure of sufferings because of the absence of direct international flights. 

At the airport, a refuelling station at a cost of Tk 91 crore in 2015 was set up, but its fuel remains unsold for lack of international flights, resulting to heavy losses.

Moreover, the officials in-charge of various private airlines organizations including, Air Arabia and Jet Air, will soon launch operations of flight at the airport. 

The manager of the airport (Hafiz Ahmed, stated that the various portions of renovation work in the airport, comprisingthe runway, is in progress and on culmination of the considerable number of works it will be conceivable to begin direct International Flight operations. 

An initiative to revolutionize the airport by the government has by now taken, and the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC) affirmed a project including an expected cost of Tk 452 crore in an offer to expand quality of the current runway and taxiway of the airport, according to him. 

Revolutionizing of the airport will come in a system that different aircraft, comprising wide-bodied Boeing-777 models planes, will be able to arrive and also fly from the airport, as included by him.

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