Super Talented Saida Tani New Single ‘Jotodur Chokh Jay’

saida tani

Saida Tani just released a new Single ‘Jotodur Chokh Jay’ alongside  the highly Talented Bappa Mazumder. The new single was released on 13th of February.

Saida Tani released her new Single on the Bangladhol Youtube channel lyrics by Ibrahim Fatemi and video director Abijeet Mazumder and composed by the main man himself Bappa Mazumder.

Bappa Mazumder has praised Saida mentioning that her voice is unique and extremely melodious which he loved and the audience will to. We already know Saida Tani is a great singer we have seen her in many functions in UK and on mainstream Bangla TV stations, In 2014 Saida released her first single Tomar o Pirirti lyrics by the legend Shah Abdul Karim which was outstanding.

So what do we expect from Saida this year? Well all we know is that she is working on a brand new Album which should be coming out sometime this year.

Best of luck Saida.