Google is Banning Fake News Publishers!

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Google is banning & removing fake news publishers!’ This billion-dollar news paralyzed the world with excitement and signed the death warrants of those who feed the fake news in order to change the perception of the world or deceive others. People from all walks of life believe that this step is the giant leap indeed which can transform the world of internet. Though, it’s kind of a first step in the arena of news agencies, but Google is already taking strict actions in various ways. In 2016, it took down 1.7 billion advertises for violations.

Believe it or not, even Google has encountered criticism in the past over its handling of fake news stories. Professional news agencies raised questions on the rise of fake news websites in the search results. This criticism compelled the authorities of Google to review those websites that were misrepresenting content to the users; they didn’t just started crackdown but also took massive action against scammers and expanded their policies against them.

This is just the tip of an iceberg; one can relish a breath of relief as it would be utterly tough for the scammers to redirect you to their purchase or affiliate links as well, since more than 1200 websites with redirect coding have been suspended too. Google experts have improved their automatic detection system so that the users can have the best experience through their services rather than struggling with fake news and payday loan adz, illegal products, misleading ads, mobile ads, or bad sites. Even if someone is trying to deceive you through some disingenuous news, the Google’s detection system will save you.

Even in the recent, America’s one of the most popular, elections, the Google CEO Sundar Pichai admitted that their search engine didn’t handle the news promptly and accurately. For that reason, some people took advantage of it and used news as propaganda. In addition, Sundar also believes that professional news agencies and internet websites should also ensure that the news going out on their website should be as accurate as possible, since in these modern times, it’s pertinent to raise the standards of journalism and fight against those fake articles and news that are created specially to persuade people.

Luckily, the giant platforms like Facebook and Twitter have also agreed to join hands with Google in order to banish the factor of fake news and propagandas; they’re also locating the fake pages that are misleading their users or manipulating them through their own lines of information. Of course, it’s a tough step as they’ve to protect billions of users and thousands of pages, but they’re gradually improving their overall performance to secure the interest of their users. They’re targeting those marketers too who try to trick the mind of people and make fraudulent and misleading claims to sell their products and services.

All in all, we aren’t the dinosaurs anymore; we’re living in the 21st century, where the big and professional companies like Google are protecting our interests and ensuring that there is no stage for half truths. It’s a great move, and one can see more actions as the battle against scammers has begun. It will indeed earn more trust of their users in the long run.