Highest Earning Blogs in the World 2017

Highest earning blogs in the world 2017

If you are wondering about writing blogs or considering how to get among the highest earning blogs in the world 2017, perhaps the following will help you on your way?  There are about 33.9 million new blogs created every month and one thing leading bloggers have in common is passion and expertise in their respective blog niches.

But, where did the blog phenomenon begin for the highest earning blogs? The term “web-log” originated from John Bargerm in 1997 and a few years later Peter Merholz used the word in his sidebar but made the creative decision to split the word into “We blog.”  Today, blogging is big business with huge earning potential, for some! Delving into the earnings of the top bloggers in the world today, it becomes easier to see why and how they made a huge financial success of their blogging careers.

Creating successful and lucrative blogs is not easy feat and to produce some of the highest earning blogs it takes extraordinary dedication, a significant degree of talent, resilience and some good business sense. Oh yes! You also need a large share of luck for your blog to become one of the most popular and highest earning blogs in the world 2017!

Gina Trapani and Lifehacker

This lady earns her place in this list of highest earning blogs for Lifehacker!

CEO and founder of the popular blog Lifehacker, Gina is extremely active amongst the social media community to the financial extent of turning over $110,000 per month!

Her recent business blogging excursions include becoming part of the Gawker Blog Empire and Gizmodo. However, Gina’s focus with Lifehacker is to continue finding ways and means to not only do things better but to improve how we live our lives. The Lifehacker blog encourages its followers to share tips; new ideas that help make our everyday lives easier. No wonder it’s so popular

SlashGear and tech-gadgets

The co-founder and executive editor of this blog site is Ewdison Then, which is directed towards consumer electronics and tech news. He is also turning over an impressive $60,000 to $80,000 per month, which is the reason for the listing amongst the highest earning blogs.

SlashGear is targeted towards consumers who are seeking and need tech gadgets. For instance, should you want an Apple iPhone 6S, tablet, iPad, or are determined to get the latest and coolest touch screen, and then SlashGear is for you! Ewdison enables tech lovers to keep in contact with the latest news related to the various types of gadgets and available technology. This blog deserves a listing in highest earning blogs for 2017. It offers information that is constantly updated and helps followers become the first in getting hold of the latest and greatest gadgets or apps!

The Blog Earning Stratosphere

We are now going to take a trip into the Blog-earning stratosphere, which helps show that written word on the Internet is an extremely powerful medium.

The Huffington Post

Owned by Arianna Huffington, the Huffington Post is rightly listed as one of the leaders in the blogging world and even ahead of the pack in the highest earning blogs in the world.  With an income in the region of $30,000 per day, this blog could be seen as being in a league of its own.

Its origins are from being a political aggregate site with determined leanings to the left, with similarities to the “Drudge Report”. However, with an infusion of “yuppie-type” and general and some unique Internet appealing content, a listing in the highest earning blogs in the world 2017 is well deserved!

Perez Hilton

Owned by Mario Lavandeira and with monthly earnings of about $450,000, this blog is rightfully in the list of highest earning blogs. However, who is Perez Hilton and what is his claim to fame? A native of Miami and a present Hollywood resident, Perez is generally regarded as the most notorious gossip columnist on the Internet! He was named as the leading “Web Celeb” in 2007, 2008 and 2009 by Forbes Magazine.

Since PerezHilton.com was launched in 2004 under PageSixSixSix.com, it has achieved the distinction as being the leading go-to site for news related to celebrities. Being listed as one of the highest earning blogs in the world is motivated by site hits of more than 300 million per month.

VentureBeat Matt Marshall

Before becoming a leading blogger and a listing among the highest earning blogs in the world 2017, Matt Marshall was a journalist. Today, his formative blog not only covers a network of specialised technology websites but also topics related to finance and investment. Matt’s monthly turnover is $50,000 to $100,000!

His readers, who contribute to him being in the highest earning blogs in the world 2017 list, can gain valuable information regarding various and different business techniques on how to profit from their investments. There is also something for new entrepreneurs, on the various aspects of start-up businesses.

TutsPlus Collis Ta’eed

Collis is a man that enjoys blogging and contributes to building skills by way of compiling tutorials, lectures, and various other informative teaching methods. With earnings of $55,000 to $120,000, he has earned a place with the highest earning list.

Collis provides help for software applications and design tools. Not only does he make a lucrative income from his site, but his members can also earn by writing and contributing their own articles. Who knows; there could be another candidate for highest earners waiting to be revealed!

Timothy Sykes Blogger

Timothy Sykes is an expert in stocks and his blog is the ideal vehicle if you have ambitions to making money. His expertise and knowledge in the field of investment, finance and most factors asssociated with them produce a monthly income of $15,000 to $180,000 and listing in the highest earning list for 2017.

Writing blogs is not Timothy’s primary job. He puts his money where his mouth is, which is in the stock market, to the extent of earning about $2 million per month. Where better and from whom, to get advice that will put you on the road to fortune..

Mashable Pete Cashmore

Pete is the founder and CEO of Mashable an established blog that with a wide and varied range of topics from business to technology and social media. Regarded as one of the best blogs in the world Mashable is the largest and award winning independently operated site and one of the most influential!

It is a site that connects generations, and one of the most popular and read destinations for digital, social media, news, and technological resources. Well listed on highest earning blogs in the world 2017 Peter Cashmore is today one of the youngest and richest bloggers on the global scene, with an estimated income of $560,000 to $600,000 per month!!

Gothamist.com Jake Dobki

No blog list, especially the highest earning blogs in the world 2017 would be complete without the influences of articles on food, events, and art. Jake produces a newsworthy site that covers these topics, which can be a great help if you are travelling overseas, with details about different cuisines in various locations.

Starting with the covering of city life in New York, Jake and Gothamist have expanded to encompass 13 cities worldwide. This has helped generate a monthly income of $80,000 to $100,000! Not bad for an ex-urban photographer and artist.