14 Places to visit in Bangladesh

Places to visit in Bangladesh

When you’re planning a visit to a particular country or city there are various priorities on your “To Do and See” list.  In the aware world of today, especially with the information available from the Internet, the majority of visitors to foreign parts should be well prepared before they embark on their travel experience! However, to make your visit easier, here is some information on selected places to visit in Bangladesh that with help make the most of the time you have available.

Chittagong the Bangladesh World Connection

As the largest city, Chittagong must be high on your list of noteworthy places to visit in Bangladesh. Boasting the largest international airport in Bangladesh you are able to connect to the most popular world destinations. This airport also conveniently provides for domestic flight services. There are many and varied places of interest for visitors; among the most popular being the Kattali and Patenga beaches.  The city served as a base for the allied forces during World War II and the Cemetary could be a historic memory of the Infamous Burma Campaign.

Today, Chittagong is a crucial factor in the South Asia economy and is a base for not only the Stock Exchange, but for many of the largest and long established companies. It makes for a fascinating experience in one of the most attention-grabbing places to visit.

Places to visit in Bangladesh
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Bandarban or the “Dam of Monkeys”

Bandarban is a district of Bangladesh, which following the Chittagong Hill Tract Conflict in about 1977 became established as one of the most intriguing place to visit in whilst in  Bangladesh. With its magnificent range of mountains, it is a scenario created by nature that is a suitable setting for the imposing Buddhist temple in Bangladesh,  the Buddha Dhatu Jadi.

You can further enhance your Bandarban experience with a visit to Milanchari and the Shoilo Propat waterfall, and exploring the various indigenous villages. The mountains are a backdrop that once viewed is never forgotten, with peaks such as the Thanchi and Nilgiri printing an indelible picture on your memory. Other places to visit in Bangladesh and part of the Bandarban heritage are the various Buddhist temples; for example, Raj Vihar and Ujanipara Vihar.

Places to visit in Bangladesh
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Barisal on the Ganges Delta

This is a unique location among your places to visit in Bangladesh that provides you with a direct insight into the culture of life in the heart of the Ganges Delta. You have the opportunity of visiting the huge variety of floating markets and the experiencing the attraction of bazaars in this unusual land known as Barisal.

For the photographer and those who appreciate nature, it offers you the region and the Monsoon, with its many rivers and water-filled canals. It is the time and one of the places to visit when the land becomes green and the photogenic floating guava markets make themselves known.

Places to visit in Bangladesh
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Cox’s Bazaar, Yellow Flower or Panowa

This heading may seem confusing, but at the very least it attracts attention, creates interest and is fishing port town that is popular with visitors and has the potential of becoming one of the leading places to visit in Bangladesh. Boasting one of the longest, natural sandy sea beaches in the world with a continuous 120 km, gentle slope, the town is situated about 150 km south of Chittagong.

The name “Cox’s Bazaar” and its home-produced cigars, handicrafts, and dates back to the 18th century and the British East India Company. You are offered a safe visit with a taste of history, a health resort and access to wonderful nature!

Places to visit in Bangladesh
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Dhaka the Capital City

Your list of places to visit in Bangladesh should include the capital city of Dhaka. In addition to being the largest city in Bangladesh, it is also the cultural and economic centre and with a population of more than 18 million. This city could be seen as the engine that drives the country, with the National Parliament House located here, the Pink Palace and a wide variety of historic buildings and places of interest.

From the National Liberation War Museum to the Dharmajika Buddhist Monastery and the American Church of the Holy Resurrection, to the Hatir Jheel Lake; there is something appealing for anyone and everyone. As one of the important places to visit, it is a city of contrasts, with many and varied areas of entertainment, gardens, and ruins that combine the ancient with the ultra modern.

Places to visit in Bangladesh
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Gaur a City of the Ancients

The ruins of Gaur were once part of an extremely rich and powerful city during medieval and was originally abandoned due to an outbreak of cholera. Dating back to medieval times. Although some of the magnificent mosques remain, they are concealed by the mango orchards, but the Bangladesh archaeological department has made significant inroads into restoring some of these historic buildings.

If you have an interest in history or enjoy the aura of a bygone age, then you will have a memorable experience in what would be one of the ideal places to visit in Bangladesh.

Places to visit in Bangladesh
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Kuakata and panoramic views

Situated in southern Bangladesh, the extraordinary tourist attractions of Kuakata and this region make it one of the favoured places to visit in Bangladesh, highlighted by an unforgettable panoramic view of the beach and sea.

The Buddhist Temple of Misripara, and the Seema Temple of Keranipara, with the Reserved Forests of Gangamati and Jhau Bon, help make Kuakata one of the most popular places to visit in Bangladesh. In addition, you are offered magnificent sunrises and sunsets.

Places to visit in Bangladesh
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Bagerhat city of Mosques

This city dates back to the 15th century and boasts many and beautiful historic mosques, including the “60 Dome Mosque.” Bagerhat is on record as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and also listed by Forbes as being amongst the “15 Lost Cities of the World.” It is a city that should not be omitted from your selection of places to visit in Bangladesh.

Over 50 Islamic monuments were recovered following the clearance of surrounding vegetation, which had concealed them for many centuries. Your experiences from places to visit in Bangladesh will be enhanced by this visit into a previously hidden part of history!

Places to visit in Bangladesh
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Puthia a village of Temples

This is a small village situated in Rajshahi with the largest number of historical Hindu Temples in the country and which makes it one of the most interesting places to visit in Bangladesh.

The historic and uniquely designed buildings are generally well maintained, with some displaying magnificent ornamentation, of terracotta plaques that tell Hindu related episodes. For a historic and unusual episode in your life, this should be listed among the places to visit in Bangladesh.

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Rangamati or the ‘Lake City’ of Bangladesh

This is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Bangladesh and rightly recognised as one of its most popular tourist destinations. Approximately 77 km from Chittagong it can be accessed from there by taxi, bus or other hired transport. Your destinations and places of interest could include the Rangamati Town, the fascinating Hanging Bridge and Kaptai Lake. The Indigenous Museum is another notable landmark in Rangamati.

If seeking hotel accommodation then like most places to visit in Bangladesh you have a varied selection to choose from. The Hotel Sufia International and the Hotel Green Castle are strongly favoured by visitors to Rangamati, as are Banapura Tourist’s Inn and the  Parjaton Motel!

Places to visit in Bangladesh

Saint Martin or Coral Island

This relatively small island of about 8km² and is one of the unique places to visit in Bangladesh in being its only coral island. Located in the vicinity of Chhera Island, Saint Martin was originally known as Zajira and gained its present name during the period of British rule.

If you are seeking natural experiences that include coral rocks, exotic village lifestyles, and a turtle hatchery, then this would make for one of the unforgettable places to visit in Bangladesh. Adding to this, are some amazing fishing and scuba diving opportunities and other activities, all enhanced by beautiful sunrises and romantic sunsets!

Places to visit in Bangladesh
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Sundarban or the “Beautiful Forest”

Various documentaries have been produced in relation to its exotic tidal halophytic mangrove forest, help in making Sundarban one of the most fascinating places to visit in Bangladesh. The Sundarbans is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the largest single segment of tidal halophytic mangrove forest in the world. It extends over about 10,000 km² with the majority in Bangladesh and the balance in India. Of particular interest to animal lovers is that this dense forest is regarded as being one of the largest reserves offering protections to the Royal Bengal Tiger!

With its vivid and amazing fauna and flora, the natural beauty of the Sundarbans National Park must rate highly on your list of places to visit in Bangladesh. Adding to this incredible experience are visits to the Sundarbans South and West Wildlife Sanctuaries and the Sajnakhali Wildlife Sanctuary.

Places to visit in Bangladesh
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Srimangal and Tea Gardens

Recognised as the Tea Garden of Bangladesh, you will discover exotic tea gardens everywhere. It is also one of the few locations that offer an escape into the peace of cultivated nature and which makes it one of the most satisfying places to visit in Bangladesh.

You can experience a memorable, natural and peaceful time within one of the most beautiful places to visit in Bangladesh. Whether cycling along paths in the tea plantations or visiting the Lawachhara National Park and hiking to the Harham Waterfalls, it will provide wonderful future memories.

Places to visit in Bangladesh
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Sylhet and scenic beauty

It is easy to understand why Sylhet is regarded as being among the most popular places to visit in Bangladesh. With a population of over 500,000, the city is situated within a scenic landscape of natural beauty. It includes the magnificent Lawacherra Rain Forest; one of the well-preserved and significant forestry environments in Bangladesh, with its fauna and flora in the valley of Sylhet.

Your Sylhet experience can be a shopping excursion to local shopping centres, like the Artisti, Al Hamra, Blue Water, and the Millennium among others. With the places to visit in Bangladesh must be included the selection of well-prepared hotels, well designed to cater for the particular needs of visitors. Examples are; the Hotel Supreme, Hotel Western, Hotel Golden City, and the Niravana Inn among various others!

Places to visit in Bangladesh
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