Top 9 Of The Most Expensive Hotels 2017

Most expensive hotels

For the majority of ordinary folk, the mere thought of spending the equivalent of one year’s house rental, or the price of a family car on one night in a hotel, could create a serious health issue! However, this is exactly what it would cost you in one of the most expensive hotels!

Admittedly, you would have a team of servants at your and call, exceptionally luxurious food, drink, accommodation and even a chauffeur driven Rolls Royce! Now, before you rush to make a booking, let’s have a look at why these hotels can charge and get this serious money?

St. Lucia: Sublime Submarine accommodation

most expensive hotels

If you are truly someone who desires to be completely different to normal mortals, and you can afford $150,000 for one night’s accommodation, then this is for you! It must be the ultimate and most expensive overnighter and challenger for the top spot in the list of most expensive hotels of 2017. An added incentive for you is that it’s underwater and yes, in a submarine!

You will be taken into the oceanic depths by a highly qualified crew, where you can enjoy viewing some magnificent marine life and a peaceful night’s sleep. So, pay your $150,000 and bon voyage!

New York: The Grand Penthouse at the Mark

Most expensive hotels
The Mark Hotel

The designer of this New York contributor to the most expensive hotels list for 2017 states “It is really like a castle in the sky” and is for those who appreciate a rarefied luxury. It offers guests extraordinary amenities and services with facilities equipped for lavish entertaining! Before you pick up the phone to make your booking; the cost per night is around $75,000, PLUS city and state taxes of about 15%, which makes for an expensive nights sleep in any language!

Geneva, Switzerland: Hotel President Wilson

most expensive hotels

The Penthouse suite continues to attract the rich and famous, even at about $60,000 per night. It could be the desire to follow if the footsteps of guests, such as reportedly, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Michael Jackson, Bill Clinton and various other celebrities who have helped in listing this accommodation amongst the most expensive hotels.

The suite offers you 12 extraordinary bedrooms, combined with 12 marble finished bathrooms. For your own in-house entertainment there is a Steinway grand piano surrounded by a display of exceptional artwork. Included in the price are panoramic views of Lake Geneva and the Swiss Alps, which for some, make it value for money at one of the most expensive hotels.

Jaipur: Shahi Mahal Suite at the Raj Palace

most expensive hotels

Your stay in one of the suites at the luxurious Raj Palace Hotel will provide you with 6 bedrooms, library and private theatre, private kitchen staff and an astrology room, for $60,000 per night! This places the hotel on the list of most expensive hotels 2017, but at present, the Raj Palace is undergoing renovations, so check booking availability?

There are plans to include a tri-sided infinity pool and a landscaped terrace garden, but information regarding completion is not yet to hand.

Bodrum, Turkey: Jumeirah Bodrum Palace

most expensive hotels

If you have ambitions towards experiencing living in a Palace, then this could be for you; at only $45,000 per night! One aspect that contributes to listing this hotel among the most expensive hotels could be the factor of it boasting more bathrooms than bedrooms!

Another aspect to consider is that the fixtures and fittings could be regarded by some as being ostentatious, or in plain language, bling-style or flashy! However, this could be offset by the gold lion statues in the swimming pool, a convenient hammam, and a private pier!

New York: Four Seasons Hotel

most expensive hotels

The Ty Warner Penthouse is listed among the most expensive hotels 2017 because of its approximate $45,000 per night tag. It also offers you a suite consisting of 9 rooms with 360° views of this amazing city.

This penthouse took 7 years to complete at a cost of about $50 million and holds the title of being the highest hotel room in New York! At this price, you deserve to be on top of the world!

Fiji: Laucala Island Resort

most expensive hotels

This could be your dream island vacation; with only 25 villas it ill cost you only $40,000 per night. The island, home to one of the most expensive hotels is owned by a billionaire who is a co-founder of the Red Bull brand. The good news is that for your money you will get wonderful panoramic views of the island and can ride a horse along the beach. The cherry on top is provided by a FREE massage service!

Cannes: Grand Hyatt Martinez

most expensive hotels

If you say $40,000 per night quickly and repeatedly, it begins to sound a reasonable sum of money and while you’re in this frame of mind, you could make your booking for the Presidential suite at one of the most expensive hotels 2017. Opened in 1929 this hotel is situated on the grand sounding Boulevard de la Croisette in Cannes. It offers you;

4 bedrooms and 2 lounges

2 studies and dining rooms

4 bathrooms + 2 saunas.

Each bathroom provides a hydrotherapy bath as well as a Turkish bath and shower. Which again when said quickly and often, seems a reasonable deal!

Paris, France: Four Seasons Hotel George V

most expensive hotels

This hotel is listed as the 9th of the most expensive hotels worldwide but is also regarded as being the most expensive hotel in Paris. It is the reason why it is listed here, among the most expensive hotels list.

This hotel group has established a reputation for guest comfort and luxurious accommodation. The George V offers you excellent service and a room with magnificent views of the Eiffel Tower and the wonderful Parisian skyline. For some visitors to the capital of France, the price is reasonable at $15,500 per night, and if you agree, Vive la France!


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