Upcoming Games For 2017

upcoming games

Some of the best ever games arrived on the market during 2016 and from all accounts, there are some amazing surprises for gamers due in 2017. Already, a great batch of new titles has been announced regarding upcoming games for 2017. So, fasten your seatbelts and have a look at what games to expect and work out how to afford them!

South Park – The Fractured but Whole

The platforms for this game are PC, PS4, Xbox One and a release date anticipated in early 2017! South Park has an inherent ability for the satirical presentation of current trends and events. Therefore, it won’t be a surprise for you to learn that the latest in this range of upcoming games for 2017 is directed, in a tasteful way, towards the humorous side of Hollywood and it’s pre-occupation with super-teams and super-heroes!

The permanently young children of South Park have a conflict o their hands. This RPG has 12 classes as alternative choices and you, as the new kid on the block can choose your side in the conflict and your gender. Some of you may be happy to learn that farts are also making a return in this, one of the upcoming games for 2017.


Due for release in March, and among the upcoming games for 2017 the platforms for Yooka-Laylee are PS4, PC, Xbox One and Wii U. With its colour intensive platform this game achieved significant successes as a Kick-starter in 2015.  Produced by some of the influential and creative minds supporting Banjo-Kazooie, it’s on track to regain the simple pleasures of N64 collectathons.

As replacements for a bird or a bear, you will be guiding the Yookas, chameleon and the bat, Laylee. This game is among the upcoming games for 2017 and provides great entertainment. You’ll go through magnificent landscapes, and encounter different items to run or jump across and snag from hazardous heights!

Mass Effect – Andromeda

Your platforms for this one are Xbox One, PC and PS4, with a release date of March 21. Listed in the upcoming games for 2017 it provides more adventure, even after Commander Shepard having removed the Reapers and saved that particular day!

The limited footage of “Mass Effect” revealed indicates it will be an eventful journey trying to discover a new home for humanity. The inclusion of many of the previous concepts helps make this game one of the upcoming games for 2017.  With this new knowledge are you now hyped and ready for it?

Star Trek Bridge Crew

With a new release date of March 14, your platforms are PSVR and Vive; this is after the original launch for November 2016 was delayed. In the list of upcoming games for 2017 this 4 x players, VR game gives you the opportunity to experience the “Kobayashi Maru” simulation.

The “Star Trek Bridge Crew” enables you to assume a variety of roles on the bridge of the Enterprise. You can effectually, explore with your friends in VR mode. As one of the upcoming games for 2017, it is looking great!

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands

One of the upcoming games for 2017 the advance technology you may usually expect from the Ghost Recon franchise is not in this game, due for release March 7. With platforms on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, you will find “Ghost Recon Wildlands” a more rugged, down-to-earth experience in team-based military operations.

With the tactical warfare action taking place in modern-day Bolivia, on this occasion, you with your elite squad of specialists must plan to clinically remove a drug cartel.

As one of the upcoming games for 2017, you can expect an extraordinary pen-world setting and some great entertainment.

Horizon Zero Dawn

On the PS4 platform and with a release date of February 28, this game is well listed among the upcoming games for 2017. “Horizon Zero Dawn” has the innovation to combine all the elements you appreciate and enjoy in an open-world RPG, and convert them into a unique universe.

The storyline is an epic one about fate, identity, and destiny, with some extra-cool weaponry and innovative combat alternatives! Robotic dinosaurs that are possessed go on the rampage and attack people, all of which helps make this a super listing in upcoming games for 2017.

This is a great display game for PS4, so just imagine the effects in 4k?

Halo Wars -2

Although possibly not as entertaining as core Halo, this spin-off, which is listed in upcoming games for 2017 offers you something out of the ordinary. It is also one of the rare RTS games available for consoles.

The tactical action in this sequel is similar to the original version and there are multi-player modes catering for up to 6 players! It creates situations that could become intense to a degree. “Halo Wars -2” is among the upcoming games for 2017 and this version offers you a new type of enemy for you, known as “the Banished.”

Due for release on February 21, be prepared for the action that is on the Forerunner installation and which is responsible for the creation of the “Halo rings.” It is waiting to happen and will be filled with some tasty lore!

Sniper Elite – 4

Designed for platforms PS4, Xbox One and PC and a release date on February 14; Sniper Elite 4, returns as one of the upcoming games for 2017.  You can expect extra and shocking action with highly impressive open-world levels to creep through.

Veteran and worn sniper Karl Fairburne continues to battle his lonely way through World War II. He has now made it into Italy and Mussolini territory in which the Nazis are made welcome. However, our hero sniper in this saga and one of the upcoming games for 2017 does not offer the same hospitality!

For Honor

If good free-for-all combat makes you happy then “For Honor” could be the most awaited entertainment from the upcoming games for 2017.  Suitable for platforms PS4, Xbox One, and PC, it will be released onto the market on February 14!

You are offered a 4v4 multiplayer in which Knights, Samurai, and Vikings are pitted against each other in exciting duels and battlefields of chaos. From the visuals seen of this game which is listed among the upcoming games for 2017, it is a superb experience.

The combat sequences are excellent and make an impact on the players. Combined with the animations, you are treated to an impressive and unique example of true entertainment. The upcoming games for 2017 include “For Honor” and it’s one worth considering!

Resident Evil 7 – Biohazard

On platforms PS4, PSVR, Xbox One and PC, your release date is January 24 and if you were disappointed by Resident Evil, then you will have your faith restored with Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Listed in the upcoming games for 2017 “Biohazard” sensibly returns to the original concept of the series; which is simply, survival horror.

As well as this new game recapturing those feelings of suspense and dread, you are now able to explore the world from the first-person perspective, with environments that are suitably dark, dodgy and dingy.

Being listed in the upcoming games for 2017 means a game must have the right credentials and this one in its demos, provides some good exciting terror scenarios! It’s a game full of promise so get ready for some chilling scares and especially the first-person combat scenes. Also keep in mind this game is fully playable in VR, to give you that extra edge of terror!

Featured Image Credit: playstation.com