David Beckham Earnings Absolutely Ridiculous Amount Of Money

David Beckham earnings

David Beckham or “Becks” has always been regarded as a good guy, modest in his own way, with a personality and a talent for football that he and his agents have exploited to the full.  He has played for arguably, the two greatest clubs in the game; Manchester United in the UK and Real Madrid in Spain. The result has seen this great team player earn international popularity as an individual, coupled with a colossal amount of money! So, exactly what are the David Beckham earnings?

Since his retirement after 20years of playing professional football, David Beckham earnings have continued to rise and add to his considerable bank account. An example of just how much he has added is shown in the year after he retired; in 2014 David Beckham earned a staggering $75 million, which exceeded his previous highest earnings year, 2013, of a mere $51 million.

The power behind the David Beckham earnings

The David Beckham earnings power was confirmed recently, when he was named among the list of highest paid athletes of all time, to the tune of $730 million lifetime earnings. Looking at the successful marketing of the David Beckham brand; it has been achieved by a mastery of product endorsements, with companies eagerly grabbing at the opportunity for him to promote and influence consumers to buy their products.

“Becks” has been helped on his way to fortune with a personality and good looking appeal. Add to this him being a global superstar and it’s easy to see how his name and image are valuable assets in the international marketing scenario. The contributors to the David Beckham earnings machine include;

  • Adidas and Belstaff
  • Breitling and Gorgio Armani
  • Gilette and H & M
  • Jaguar of China and Motorola and many others.

The earnings contributors

During the year 2013, David Beckham became an ambassador for the China Super football League. He also represents Sands China, a division of the Las Vegas Sands Corporation, owned by billionaire Sheldon Adelson. This involves developing entertainment concepts as well as those connected with retail and dining in Singapore and Macao outlets.  A further addition to David Beckham earnings is derived from his Chinese real estate association with the firm Luneg, reportedly worth $5 million annually.

In recent times, “Becks” has, with expert help, proven to be masterful at brokering associations that provide equity strategies. Since 2004, he has partnered with cosmetic mammoth, Coty which sells over $100 million yearly of the David Beckham signature fragrances. This deal into 2017 is estimated to contribute $6 million annually to the David Beckham earnings! “Becks” is also kept occupied by his position as the first worldwide ambassador for Biotherm Homme, owned by L’Oreal, who will be launching their named skincare range of products this year!

Further support for the David Beckham earnings is shown by his fashion brand deal with Kent & Curwen, which benefits him to the annual sum of $8 million. To this amount must be added royalties on the fashion collection, launched in the latter part of 2016.

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The Big Deal

David Beckham is, without a doubt, the “Big Deal” on his own account, but this is a theme, that has been associated with him business-wise for many years. In 2007 he struck a deal that has remained one of his preferred ventures; a Major League Soccer (MLS) expansion franchise. He was offered the opportunity of acquiring this option as part of his contract when joining the LA Galaxy team. Consequently, it became part of David Beckham earnings when he exercised the option in 2014 for a cool $26 million.

As the usual USA, soccer franchise is valued in the region of $100 million it could be said that “Becks” made a worthwhile decision with this investment. Although various issues have arisen regarding obtaining a site for the stadium that is mutually agreed to by Miami city, its taxpayers and the MLS. However, our Mr. Beckham has been hard at work and the franchised team is expected to start playing and contributing further to David Beckham earnings during 2018!

The “Becks” saga continues

With a fortune behind him and more being added to it in the foreseeable future, is this a reason for slowing down the David Beckham earnings chase?  This man has proven himself to be extraordinary on the football pitch and in the business field. It is obvious by his success that he enjoys the association between the two mediums, so, why to give it up! As a side thought; is this continuing chase for David Beckham earnings some form of compensation for no longer chasing the goals in a football match?

“Becks” is second to Michael Jordan in the retired, highest paid athlete stakes. With his lifetime earnings of $730 million and a $450 million net worth, this is one great footballer who still wants to keep scoring and adding to the David Beckham earnings!

Featured Image Credit: Brian MInkoff-London Pixels CC BY-SA 3.0