The Biggest 2017 Films to Watch

Biggest 2017 Films

The year 2017 and with it film goers and home viewers could be wondering what they can look forward to in the biggest 2017 films to watch? We already know there are some excellent choices lined up for your local cinemas during the next twelve months.

The general forecast is that with the quality of the biggest 2017 films to watch this could be not only and exciting year but possibly one of the busiest on record for enormous blockbusters! Adding to this motivation is that people “in the know” whoever they may be, are already forecasting this year could produce more movies that will gross over $1billion than ever before!

With that BIG intro, here is a forecasted list of some of the biggest 2017 films to watch!

T2 – Trainspotting

For some film fans, this contender in the biggest 2017 films to watch has been long awaited. Danny Boyle has announced the sequel to one of the best all-time Indie films; the 1996 Trainspotting!

Most of the original cast are featured in T2 – Trainspotting, but the storyline is being strictly kept under lock-n-key!  However, general opinion decrees that this sequel should have some of the ingredients that made its predecessor so controversial in the nineties. Will this Trainspotting sequel be high on the biggest 2017 films to watch? Its odds on it will be and January sees its release; so, wait for it!

Beauty and the Beast

The Disney live-action rebooted films of classic animations have experienced great success and this one ‘Beauty and the Beast” could be on its way as one of the biggest 2017 films to watch.

With Emma Watson starring as Belle and the Beast played by Dan Stevens it’s a great start for a tale as old as the hills. It’s also one of those stories that linger from childhood into adulthood, so it’s going captivate kids, their parents and beyond. This film has all the makings to be among the biggest 2017 films to watch and if you enjoy a dose of romantic nostalgia, you’ll be amongst the audience.

Due for release in March, Emma and Dan are supported by Ewan McGregor, Stanley Tucci, and Sir Ian McKellen; so wait for a film experience that will be exceptional!

Kingsman – The Golden Circle

The first offering of Kingsman – The Secret Service had a success that was extraordinary. Although this original film was marketed as basically, a “spy movie” and possibly a James Bond rip off, in fact, this black comedy from Michael Vaughan gave its audience a significantly great deal more! This means, one of the biggest 2017 films to watch is The Golden Circle.

Most of the cast from the first film have made a welcome return, which with the American castings; will please audiences in the USA. However, this potentially one of the biggest 2017 films to watch will retain that certain British panache that was seen in its predecessor.

The release of this film is scheduled for October and it looks a great one!

Trailer Not Realeased Yet: Kingsman – The Golden Circle | IMDB


This film of a historic event, the Dunkirk landings in 1940, from Christopher Nolan, is crafted with an inherent skill and awareness that will provide audiences with an emotional and stimulating film experience. This is one of the biggest 2017 films to watch that with its excellent casting will give you a view of this event, like no other previous film!

You can see Harry Styles, a former One Direction member, makes an interesting acting debut, on the release of the film in July!

Transformers – The Last Knight

Mark Wahlberg makes a return to this, the fifth Transformers episode! It’s a franchise that sells tickets and places this adventure amongst the biggest 2017 films to watch. With the innovative action rolling across the screen; a heady atmosphere is created for the audience, stimulated by explosions, cars and the emotional American flags!

Previous Transformer films have grossed more than $1 billion in worldwide box office sales and it’s on the cards that this biggest 2017 films to watch for release in June, will do the same!