S/S 2017’s Most Fashionable Colours

Photo: Pintrest

This year’s spring/summer collection is all about the colours of nature, green leaves, earthy hues and the colour of the sun itself will brighten up the days of those who decide to follow the new trends.

Photo: Pintrest


This lighter shade of lilac is sure going to capture the attention of everyone looking at your attire this spring.

Photo: Pintrest

Sun yellow

Even on a rainy day, yellow can steal some sunshine into your attire, so if you are aiming for bold, this colour can surely be your new best friend.

Photo: Pintrest

Grass green

Want to dress in the harmonious colour of spring leaves? Now is the time. This vivid shade will spice up your day and turn heads wherever you go.

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Teal continues to be relevant this season, so if you invested in a few pieces already, lucky for you! Wear it with pride and confidence.

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With all the boldness around, this hue can be teamed up with anything to balance any outfit.