Hayder Rubel Sylhets own Music promoter and singer

Hayder Rubel

As you know, we at Absolutespot like to bring you information about special people. This time we are going to talk about a very unique individual. Most of you guys may not be aware of him, but you definitely have come across his YouTube channel if you are a fan of Bangladeshi Baul music. He goes by the name of Hayder Rubel, which might ring a bell.

Rubel is from Sylhet, Bangladesh where he resides with his wife and three kids. He runs a small company in Sylhet CS IT Solutions with the role of Chief Executive Officer. The company specialises in website developing and software production, and has a very large client base. Alongside this Rubel is a Baul music lover and also sings in many large concerts. Due to love of the music, he started a YouTube channel HRUBEL, short for Hayder Rubel.

His YouTube channel was and still is the go to place for Bengali people around the world to enjoy RAW Baul music. He was maybe one of the first to bring us this type of music directly from the heart of Bangladesh, and in return, all artists he featured became more well-known and popular to the audience outside of Bangladesh, which he should be appreciated for.

hayder rubel
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If you do some research into his YouTube channel, you can see, that he currently holds over 950 RAW Baul music videos with a combined views of over 7,000,000, some with extremely talented artists he has showcased in his videos. Some of them, who are making really cool music are Anu Shorkar, Prodip Mollik, Roni Shorkar, Sharmin Boshor, Shofik Uddin, Tonni, Soylen Das and many many more.

Mr Hayder is working in the background to support and promote the Bangladeshi music heritage and for that, we salute you. Keep up the great work that you do.

If we put you in the mood for some great music, go check out his channel and send us some feedback of what you think.