How much is Christiano Ronaldo worth to Nike?

Christiano Ronaldo

It cannot be disputed that Christiano Ronaldo is one of the most talented soccer players in the game today and this makes him a highly valuable advertising vehicle! This 31-year-old sportsman is obviously a money-making source for Nike, who recently obtained his signature on a lifetime contract with the company. This is only the third deal of its kind in the history of Nike and although it has not been officially announced, assumptions are it is worth about $1 billion! It can be compared to the lifetime contract featuring LeBron James last year.

A first consideration may be that paying $1 billion for someone to kick a ball around is going financially overboard. However, delving further into the advantages and ultimate benefits to Nike in the future can provide a different perspective.

The relationship between Christiano Ronaldo and Nike dates to 2003 when the player joined Manchester United. Christiano has remained faithful to the company in the process modelling 60 varying company product advertising statements during the 13 years. It is a combination that has proven mutually beneficial, however, Hookit, a measure of social and digital media value for brands. Reports from this source indicate that Nike could gain more from the deal in the end!

Social media is a major part of any advertising campaign and Ronaldo’s presence in this

christiano ronaldo

media in 2016, generated $474 million for Nike. This was accomplished by way of 329 posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It was further supported by Ronaldo posting 1,515 times on social media between January and November this year. Almost 22 percent of those posts related to Nike related, whether it involved a hashtag, logo or a mention. Nike related posts by Ronaldo generated an extraordinary 443.5 million likes, shares, comments, video views and retweets. For those interested in statistics, those numbers translate into a massive 1.34 million interactions for each post!

Just the present media value attached to Ronaldo gives him a higher value rating than any other athlete on Earth. Further reports from Hookit show the financial media worth of this soccer player to be $176 million, in relation to all sponsors for the past 12 months. It is incredibly a figure seven times greater than that generated by the second placed celebrity, Stephen Curry.

Furthermore, Christiano Ronaldo has created 60 million new social media followers in2016 alone, which has increased his followers to 41.5 million, just on his Instagram. In addition, he boasts the highest number of Facebook fans for any individual worldwide, with an amazing 118 million fans. It is a fact, that Ronaldo is a more lucrative investment for Nike off the soccer pitch than when he is playing on it. This factor alone could make $1 billion a very good and well- planned deal for the Nike marketing fundi’s!


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