Is Mo Vlogs worth $2 Million or more?

mo vlogs

Mo Vlogs is a very popular YouTube channel from Dubai, and its owner became famous by showcasing some of the most exotic cars in Dubai on his daily Vlogs. His YouTube channel has amassed well over 2,300,000 subscribers and is earning some serious cash through the website.

A lot of the major “Rich List” websites have estimated Mo Vlogs net worth to be around $2 Million. Some think it might be more.

The channel has already collected 450,000,000 views, which is incredible, since Mo started uploading daily vlogs from December 2014. He gave his first video the title My First Vlog.

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There are many articles online mentioning his dad’s wealth who is actually never seen in his daily vlogs. He mainly features his sister Lana Rose and his mum, who goes by Mummy Mo. Some of the gossip magazines have mentioned Mo’s dad to have an estimated fortune of over $100 Million.

Anyways, if he does not talk about his dad, why should we? He amassed an estimate of $2 million, which is a lot of money, anyone can agree to that, right? But also, Mo Vlogs has actually more than $10 Million sitting in the bank. If you are thinking to look into his channel or wealth, do a little research and you will be surprised with what you can find.