YouTube Star Adam Saleh kicked off Delta Air Lines Flight for speaking Arabic

adam saleh

Adam Saleh, an American YouTuber, has published a video in which he claims him being kicked off a Delta Air Lines plane after he was heard speaking Arabic on the phone to his mother.

The YouTube personality has an extremely large following with more than 2.2 million subscribers on his online vlogging channel alone.

We do not know if this was because he was speaking Arabic or just because he looked Muslim? Delta Airline has previously been accused of racism in their methods of removing people from flights in one video not so long ago it showed police officers dragged a Black woman of a flight as she failed to check in with the Delta gate agent.

Delta Airlines staff escorted Adam Saleh and a friend off of the flight at Heathrow Airport – while he filmed the entire incident. A few can be seen and heard sarcastically waving goodbye. Dont worry it was not our brits who walked him off the aircraft were to smart for this.