How to Make your Millions on YouTube

Credit: Instagram

When you look at one of the performers on YouTube going through their routine, you may have the idea that you could be doing something like it and making millions of dollars in the process. Probably in some cases that’s true, but, in the first place they thought of it and are doing it and secondly, they were and are prepared to work at it to get your attention as well as millions of other viewers. You could also be thinking, but I can do exactly what they are doing, or even better; so, why not?

You’re right about many of us being able to perform on YouTube but the stars of that media hit on an idea or concept and perfected it for viewer consumption, with usually a lot of hard work in between. One example is that they had to learn the techniques of HD video streaming technology and in many cases, construct a background somewhere in their home, to look like a stage-set.

Get in the Top 10

Now, we know you can succeed on YouTube, don’t we? However, to start making those dollar millions, you now must gain some popularity and actually get the masses out there to want to watch you! In other words, your objective is to get into the “Top 10” just like other celebrities in other medias. To give you an idea of what you can achieve and feed your ambition, here is a list of the second Forbes yearly highest paid stars on YouTube.

We’ll start at the bottom of the list earnings with;

Rhett & Link and Colleen Ballinger with $5 million each are in the number 10 spot.

German Garmendia and Markiplier $5.5 million each share number 8

Tyler Oakley with Rosanna Pansino earned $6 million each for the joint number 6

Smosh came in with $7 million earnings to grab the number 4 ranking.

Lilly Singh at $7.5 million shared the limelight with a number 3 landing.

Roman Atwood with worthwhile $8 million was rated at number 2

The winner; PewDiePie collected a cool $15 million for the number 1 YouTube earner.

What they do and how they do it

The YouTube stars have achieved success by various ways and means, a good example

Credit: Instagram/PewDiePie

being Tyler Oakley who transformed the socially oriented “LGBT” channel into a book that resulted in ongoing “Endless Ellen” publicity. Then, Roman Atwood, the recognized jokester obtained a starring role in the feature movie Natural Born Pranksters and doubled his yearly income. This was contributed to by tours and the sale of vast amounts of merchandise, including the Atwood Beanie!

Two other noteworthy YouTube achievers are Colleen Ballinger, with the screaming Miranda Sings alter-ego. She, hit a jackpot in 2016 when she transferred her act on YouTube to Netflix. On the other hand, per Forbes; Smosh shot up the popularity listings with a complete series of 2016 videos sponsored by Schick Razors.

If you are looking for more ideas for your YouTube success, you have the story of PewDiePie, aka Felix Ulf Kjellberg. This is a gamer from Sweden who turned the technique of narrating videos into a social marvel. @016 saw him on a high-profile show with YouTube- Red, the paid channel. This gave him the opportunity of debuting new mobile apps and then following this up with the publication of his first book, which sold 112,000 copies. The question must be asked is; are you ready for this?

Making the media comparison

Although you could argue that the earnings of the YouTube stars don’t nearly match those in other more popular and exposed medias. For instance; it’s been reported that Taylor Swift in 2016 added $170 million to her earning stakes, with Penn & Taylor a comparatively sad $31.5 million. It depends on what suits you and your ambitions. If you’re looking at a work-play concept and you have a young and powerful talent, the YouTube routes could be for you!

It’s a young and fresh channel for exposure that s growing ever more powerful, shown by the fact that Forbes records increased star earnings for 2016 of 23%. Your fans are waiting for you!