Facebook ranked the leading tech company for employees in 2017


With this top-ranking tech company status, Facebook could be said to have discovered how to make a connection with its employees. Ranked as the leading tech company to be employed by in 2017, it also gained a second-place rating among American companies generally. This information relates to a new report compiled by Glassdoor. This, the ninth annual list is founded on the reviews of employees, which were posted on the job site during the period November 2, 2015, to October 30, 2016.

In 2011 and 2013, Facebook took the overall first place but was rated number five last year. In the most recent listings, Bain & Company made a return to the leading position!

In general terms, it was another good year for the tech industry, which provided 20 of the top 50 companies in the USAs. Google and Apple with Bain & Company, remain the only employers to be listed with Glassdoor for the nine consecutive years.

Allison Berry from Glassdoor reportedly stated that the tech industry “really pioneered this whole idea of providing really fantastic benefits and offering very competitive compensation. It’s been interesting to see other companies that are outside of the space following through,”

Credit: newsroom.fb.com

This ranking could be regarded as being testament to the development challenges confronting various companies in Silicon Valley. While Airbnb rated the best in the USA last year, the home rental startup, however, declined to 35 in the overall ratings in 2017, to a degree of 4.6 to 4.2.

Referring to the Glassdoor reviews, Allison Berry indicated employee frustrations related to management and working hours. She reportedly stated; “As companies try to scale, you see less transparency. Employees are putting in longer hours and you might see less work-life balance, and employees aren’t as confident as career procession,”

As far as Airbnb is concerned, indications are that the company is working on various new initiatives, which will further improve employee satisfaction during the next year.

It is reported that Brittany Cornejo, a public relations specialist with Airbnb, stated in an email that “We are constantly working to improve and expand in these areas through initiatives that foster professional development, support health and well-being, and we are expanding other benefits such as matching 401(k) contributions in 2017,”