10 Big Hitters on YouTube who make $3000 each day


It all sounds very simple when you say it quickly; just do some filming and editing, then upload a video onto YouTube and wait for the thousands of dollars to roll in every single day! Well, like most of the good things in life, they don’t come easy!

Making the big dollars on YouTube is all about getting the big hits, or views from today’s extremely aware audience. To give you an idea of this numbers game, various estimates determine that subject to the YouTube category you slot into, you can earn about $3000 for every one million views on your video!

Here are 10 hit makers on YouTube who earn three thousand dollars every day. This income is contributed to by adverts displayed next to or before their videos; apps, books, music, paid sponsorships, merchandise and affiliate promos.

  1. Rosanna Pansino

Most people enjoy their food and YouTube has been complimented with Rosanna Pansino,

Credit: Instagram/rosannapansino

who has developed an extremely popular cooking channel. One thing about it, is that it must be regarded as a “geek” cooking show. Rosanna, following some experiences in daytime television acting, started her own cooking show with the title “Nerdy Nummies” which is self-descriptive! This channel has over 7 million subscribers and they tune in to watch Rosanna demonstrate her baking recipes. On occasions, there are personal appearances by other well-known YouTubers; for example, Michelle Phan and Markiplier!

  1. Lindsey Stirling

Lindsey Stirling was recognised in the Forbes “30 under 30 in Music in 2015. This accolade was influenced by her 8 million subscribers on YouTube and her quarter-final position in America’s Got Talent. Add to this a Billboard 200 number 2 position and a Top Dance- Electronic album at the Billboard Music Awards 2015 and you have an extremely talented YouTuber.

Lindsey used her YouTube channel as a launching pad for her musical career. She is a classically trained violinist able to play not only the classical-crossover but hip hop, rock and naturally, classical. She is a complete contrast to many of the listed top earning YouTubers, with their video games and offers a touch of class to the medium!

  1. JennaMarbles

It was in 2010 that Jenna Marbles launched herself into fame worldwide, on the release of her video on YouTube, with the title “How to Trick People into Thinking You’re Good Looking.” It went the viral route and attracted 5.3 million views in its first week. In the process, it launched Jenna’s channel to the top spot of YouTube. It has remained as the seventh most-subscribed YouTube channel, boasting over 16 million subscribers, as well as the most viewed YouTube channel with a female star!

Jenna the real name of this YouTuber, with the Marbles a pseudonym derived from her dog, who is named, Mr. Marbles. Overall, her channel has accumulated billions of total views and she is now reaping significant financial benefits Jenna now employs a business manager, personal assistant, with her mother looking after the interests of her company, as the CEO.

  1. JackScepticEye

This is a young man from Ireland named Sean, who since starting his channel on YouTube in 2007 has established a following of more than 13 million subscribers. This is backed by an audience providing him with almost 6 billion views. JackScepticEye attracts this audience with a variety of videos showing him playing video games, an assortment of frenetic reactions and a commentary to go with them.

What YouTube channels like this are showing us is that playing video games with friends is a popular pastime. Jack or Sean has the ability and talent to make his audience enjoy them with him and importantly become a part of his game-playing action! It’s a case of enjoying what you’re doing and earning over a $3000 every day, doing it.

5. The Fine Brothers

The Brothers began producing YouTube content in 2004 and achieved recognition for their “React” video series. They depicted people of different ages and demographics in a type of group environment, reacting to items or videos, generally remote from their usual demographic related experiences. Examples included; parent’s reactions to a “Don’t Stay in School”, and Teenagers responses to Encyclopaedias.

The Fine Brothers have succeeded in not only attracting billions of YouTube views but also millions of subscribers to their channel. However, they were subject to a controversy in 2016 when they attempted to license and trademark the expression “React.” This received some severe criticism from other YouTubers.

  1. ToyFreaks

A YouTube channel designed for kids, the ToyFreaks stars are a single dad with his two daughters Victoria and Annabella. They share various toy-related adventures with the viewers, which is inclined to be a messy business. The main attractions appear to be toy dinosaurs, sharks, and giant insects. The toys are cast as friends of the girls, that they feed with great amounts of real food. lots of real food, Alternatively, they are cast as villains, who the girl’s fun away from and then attack with kitchen spatulas.

For parents with toddlers, the videos could seem strange, but weird or not, kids today appreciate the peculiar content. This could explain why on average, the videos shown on this channel receive many millions of views. Per various estimates, the volume of YouTube views received by this channel is far more than $3000 per day and could daily, top $24,000 in advertising revenue.

  1. Ethan and Hila Klein
Photo courtesy Ethan Klein

A highly subscribed to YouTube channel is “h3h3” with their videos regularly making the Reddit front page. It’s the creation of Ethan, an unusual comedian and Hila, his Israeli wife. This channel has accumulated a significant number of YouTube followers

h3h3 has amassed a major following on YouTube by critiquing and lambasting other channels on YouTube. Ethan and Hila don’t go the obscure, cringe video route like Leafy, they are brutal in their criticism of popular cringing type videos on famous channels.

What is apparent, is that the obviously faked prank videos are particularly irritating to Ethan, and therefore, his channel has debunked a large selection of these perceived, YouTube villains. Among them have been, SoFloAntonio, Joey Salads, Ethan Bradberry, with many others. This husband and wife team have also openly supported those who need it. Recently, they defended the humorous behaviour of a man, being loudly and hysterically harassed in public by a woman.

  1. Leafyishere

Leafy is the pseudonym of a rapid-rising YouTube star named Calvin, from Oregon and who has gained some notoriety by way of acclaim and controversy. The channel is primarily directed towards lambasting other relatively unknown YouTubers and their cringing, crazy, or otherwise unintended funny videos. Calvin scours the sometimes unsavoury underbelly of YouTube the cream of the best worst content, to feature and brutally attack.

There has been much criticism of Leafy regarding him being a cyber bully, while his supporters argue that it’s all in good fun. When he attacks a video, it could also be great publicity for the targeted channel.  Whatever the opinions of his viewers, it’s certain that Leafy has built a vast and supportive online audience. In the process, he I making a very good living from the millions of views generated by his hectic almost daily video publishing routine.

  1. Markiplier

Markiplier in California has the benefit of a quality voice tone, which is at the same time soothing, but with a crisp delivery. He has a team of partners who help with the production and editing of the videos and they are all supported by the channel! Markiplier makes a profitable living playing video games, with his specialty horror games. He especially likes those that provide sudden scares, VR, “Indy games”, as well as many that are probably generally unknown

It could be stressful watching his channel if you don’t like a large amount of very loud shouting, cursing, and what is known as boisterous laughing! However, if you enjoy vocal, energetic comedy to the extreme, you’ll enjoy viewing Markiplier gaming, screaming and shouting during his, and your, video games experience!

  1. PewDiePie

Lat named but regarded by many as the “King of YouTube” PewDiePie is a young man named Felix. His channel reputedly has more views than any other existing YouTube channel. Originally from Sweden, he now lives in the United Kingdom with his girlfriend, CutiePieMarzia, also a YouTube star act.

PewDiePie or Felix earns more than a $5 million annually by playing video games, among other things that are directed towards the dramatic side of life. He is a guy with a personality that projects to a significant number of 7 billion plus people who enjoy playing video games. He has struck the right entertainment chord and it’s paying off for him very well indeed!