Volkswagen launches new company Moia to oppose Uber


There is road congestion in major cities worldwide and Volkswagen have a concept they believe will help relieve the problem! Moia, is a company launched under the VW umbrella with the purpose of focusing on alternative modes transportation; for example, driverless cars and shuttles. Launched at TechCrunch Disrupt London 2016, Moia will co-operate directly with city authorities to determine preferred alternative traffic options.

Moia will initially direct its attention towards the setting up of on-demand shuttles. Users will request transportation from an app and then be conveyed in an electrically powered multi-personnel vehicle, manufactured by Volkswagen.

The transportation alternative

Should there be only a single passenger using a specific route, it is planned to outsource that journey to Gett, a new business partner, or possibly another provider. In addition, there are further ambitions for Moia, including the autonomous car option!


Ole Harms, Moia CEO, stated “We still move around our cities like we did 20 or 30 years ago, despite the fact we embraced technology in nearly every other aspect of our lives. There needs to be a better way; the solution cannot be to simply add more cars to the streets.” Spoken by a car manufacturer these are highly significant words.

Moia is making a form of motoring history by being the first major car manufacturer to attempt introducing itself into the drive-sharing marketplace. Ole Harms made a further statement; “We definitely see Uber and the other companies as our competitors; we really admire what they’ve achieved. In the end, we have our own vision.”

The rollout plan

To date the rollout plan has not been clarified, although CEO Ole Harms spoke about London and that the company will be situated in Berlin. He did confirm that company focus would be directed towards Europe, USA, and China. However, where and when the launch of Moia will take place, remains to be seen!