What makes “ Amazon Go ” a unique grocery shopping experience?

amazon go
Credit Amazon

There are shopping experiences, which seem great at the time, such as a drone delivery service, a concept presented by Jeff Bezos the Amazon CEO some years ago; a great idea but probably one for some years into the future. However, we now have the Amazon Go experience deluxe, based on their philosophy of concentrating on their consumer data, and customer perceptions, a formula that has worked wonders for them.

They have adopted and perfected a method whereby knowledge of consumer activity related to buying off a store shelf, with information of every shopper in a store is combined. To further tune their ability to meet customer demands they want to know the type of consumer in front of the shelf and which products are chosen.

Some consumers may be disappointed at the lack of in interaction, but if you think about it, is that young assistant at the checkout point really interested in you as a person! They just keep scanning the items and if it doesn’t work, they keep scanning anyway, as we look on in a sort of hypnotized shopper stupor. So, if you believe that to be stimulating human interaction, perhaps you should consider getting out more!

The consumer shopping goal

For most consumers and their shopping experiences, the goal seems to be getting it finished in the shortest possible time. Lurking in the background of your mind, if it’s a full cart, is the thought that you still must unpack them. Ok, there is the self-checkout system, but it’s still a two-step procedure, whereas Amazon Go is making a promise to you of just one!

This is where we go back to the first paragraph; with the interests of Amazon always having been and continuing to be focused on the data of their customers. It makes sense, because the more they know about you and your shopping habits and needs, better are they able to anticipate your demands related to your weekly or monthly shopping experience. Think about it; shopping could eventually turn into a time-saving, stress-free routine, with the Amazon digital assistant, Alexa. This assistant will inform you when you need various essentials and even recommend planned meals founded on information from your past shopping ventures.

The Amazon store influence

Even if Amazon build about 100 stores in 2017 it is a logical progression because it’s more challenging to deliver and stock foodstuffs than books and various accessories that they usually promote and sell. Groceries are perishable entities and if there is an overstocking issue, financial losses can be severe. The storage of grocery products with required refrigeration is also more expensive. However, ordering groceries online may not be the ideal for most consumers and could be regarded as being too mechanical and taking the anticipation and freedom of choice away.

Food is a personal part of shopping; we all have different tastes and appeal is in the observing of a juicy pork chop, or steak, cheese or fresh vegetables. Sure, there is the hassle of wheeling carts around, playing hit-or-miss with other customers, but, at the end of a day, there is also a certain satisfaction and contentment in the experience and the anticipation of some good food, you chose. Amazon food stores; is not only workable, with their customer awareness and, it’s a new experience waiting to happen!