How To Grow Weed at home the easy way


As the general use of cannabis receives greater acceptance by society, tech industries are viewing the weed growing process in a different light and bringing their innovative abilities into play. This is seen with a venture-supported enterprise known as Leaf. It has recently announced an original “Plug-N-Plant” growth system that will make it easier for consumers to home-grow their own cannabis. It’s free of pesticides and does not require maintenance as the product does when growing in the traditional way!

Within 8 states in the USA and Washington DC, the use of recreational marijuana is now legal,

with a medical cannabis form also permitted in 29 states. This has established the weed as a


primary cash crop for America and is said to have been influenced by the recent election.  Many of these areas and the states in which cannabis has been legalised, you are permitted to grow the weed for your personal use. However, there are various challenges attached to growing your own cannabis.

The founder and CEO of Leaf Yoni Ofir stated that “We have industrial grade sensors closely and accurately monitoring every aspect of the grow: air temp, air humidity, plant height, water TDS, water pH, water temp, water level. These sensors work together to provide data about everything going on in the grow and then relays that to the LEAF cloud system for constant analysis. When something is out of line, the system knows to correct it immediately. For example, dosing pH down if the pH rises above a threshold within that grow recipe.”

The growing system will be situated in your home and appearance-wise, it will look like a

small refrigerator, which is preferable to dramatic looking fluorescent lights suspended from a ceiling! However, to grow your own cannabis you need complete darkness, for a minimum of 12 hours during certain stages of the growth cycle. Therefore, the system is ideal if you’re living in a small space accommodation.

The cannabis plant has a reputation for emitting a pungent odour, but a carbon filter helps in controlling it, to an extent. A quote from Yoni Ofir “You can be in a closed room with the unit and you won’t smell anything funky,”


Although this is not the first automated home pot growing device to be launched into the marketplace, it does identify an important tendency related to the cannabis industry. It is now easier and more convenient to grow your own home weed. With a higher volume of appliances being more readily available to consumers, it could forecast a future booming home market business! Time must be allowed for the passing of state legislation, but you can start your weed growing soon after it is passed.

The question now being asked is probably related to the cost! This automated process commands a relatively high price, with the Leaf system costing $2,990. The carbon filters and nutrient packs are $39 both of which require replacing after each growing cycle. However, consideration must be given to the market value of high-quality cannabis, which is about $241 per ounce. This means the system should reach a production stage where it will pay for itself. Leaf is currently accepting pre-ordering secured with a small deposit, with delivery expected in the fall, 2017.