About the Google Android 7.1 Nougat Update

android 7.1

In August, this year the Android Nougat arrived on Nexus smartphones and tablets, but now the attention has moved towards the update for Google Android 7.1. Apart from support for Daydream VR and a Night mode, there is a variety of mouth-watering features. However, a shadow on this scenario is that numbers of Android owners are still anticipating the arrival of the Android Marshmallow for their devices. Therefore, it could be a question of not holding your breath for the Android 7.1 to appear! However, a posting on the “Android Developers Blog” submitted that it will be available to all eligible devices in several weeks?

What’s different about the Android 7.1?

These Smartphones are the first to have a built-in voice activated Google Assistant, although the extras available to you will depend on the device you’re using. This is due to various Android 7.1 features boasting Pixel exclusives, such as Google Assistant! This feature enables you to take shortcuts regarding finding directions, searching for points of interest, setting reminders, amongst others.  One factor that places this feature apart from competitors is its capability to handle your follow-up questions because it cleverly memorises the context of a conversation.

In the Night mode

The Android 7.1 Night mode could be an advantage if you’re called upon to frequently use

android 7.1
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your phone on the Night Shift. It’s a basic feature that regulates the screen colour, as well as reducing your exposure to blue light. This factor is said to reduce eyestrain and is also less inclined to impact negatively on sleeping patterns.

Your Daydream Virtual Reality platform

Following the first time showing of the Pixel earlier this year, Google proceeded to reveal its Daydream VR support platform. Whereas the Pixel phones of Google reinforce Daydream VR directly from the box, the Android 7.1 supports different Google phones. For best results from this new technology, it said that the Daydream headset is preferred, which is supplied with its own controller.

Shortcuts and move control

Like the iOS, 3D Touch tapping and holding an icon on the Android 7.1 home-screen will offer you some extra options. This is a time-saver and convenient because it enables you to relate with your apps without completely opening them.

A user-friendly innovation on the Android is a new MOVES menu which allows you to assign gestures to the commands. You can customise your Android easily; for example, press the power button twice, which tells it to open the camera app. Or, toggle a setting that will automatically display the most recent notifications, upon you lifting the phone up!

Android Nougat best features

Don’t discount devices which have the original Android Nougat installed, because they still have plenty of advantages for their users. One is the two-way split screen which is a multi-window support utilising two apps simultaneously. The feature operates in landscape or portrait modes and enables you to perform functions at the same time.

Unwanted calls are an issue for most phone users and Google has acted with the Android Nougat to improve its call blocking ability. This includes incorporating the software directly into the system, thus eliminating the need for a third-party application. When changing to a new device, you can retain your blocked contacts list. Simply make a backup and use Android Nougat to restore the information.

Conserving battery power is a challenge for most users. The Android Nougat helps by reducing the power usage of your device even when in motion, but not in use, such as in a pocket, or purse. The result should be a saving in usage time and extend the need to recharge.

A note here is that the Android Marshmallow boasts the Android Doze mode. It’s a 2015 update, designed to prolong battery life by turning off the background processes when the screen is not functioning.

Release date for Android 7.1 Nougat 

At the beginning of December, Google confirmed the devices that will support Android 7.1. A posting on the Android Developers Blog revealed that Pixel and Pixel XL devices will receive Over-the-Air (OTA) update. Also included are the Nexus, 5X, 6P, Nexus Player, Pixel C and the General Mobile 4G (Android One). It is anticipated the update will take place in the following weeks.