Google feeds the news via home screen on Android

If you cast your mind back about 4 years you may recall the “Google Now” feature being launched with the concept of a swipe- card. The idea was that you wouldn’t have to search for the information you wanted because this Google innovation would present it to you on the cards. During those 4 years, the concept became a reality, with the weather, meetings and transit information providing a reliable service. However, from these new-age information cards arose a feature known as News Cards that seemingly gained popularity with users;

The term Google App has replaced the term “Google Now” which effectively is two-part application and with an emphasis being placed on the news. One part of the Google App is a segment identified as “UPCOMING” which provides you with the relevant personal news. The second part of the Google App is known as “FEED.” It’s devoted only to news, compiled by Google based on your search history and any other related information they possess about you! It has started in the USA on Android with the Google App and eventually will be available in other regions and Internet Operating Systems (IOS).


Different perspectives

While there may be various perceptions from consumers, this feature should be regarded as a relatively minor change. It is already part of the Google policy to present news cards within the Google App and has been for some time. It should also be seen by users as making their lives easier and access to their preferences more convenient! Looking at it objectively, what is Google doing that is different to what Samsung and other Android skins have already done! Basically, just placing a story feed on your main home screen, to the left?

Granted, in the past getting news could be challenging, such as tracking a parcel. Now you have the advantage of a separate tab that gives you direct access to that type of information. Google have also streamlined their presentation by now presenting a realistic assessment of your personal data, gained mainly from your inbox and calendar. But it wouldn’t be wise to discount futuristic claims from Google; they’re probably being kept for the “Google Assistant” their new digital innovation!

However, another perspective to consider is that Facebook and to a smaller degree, Twitter has become regular sources of news for a highly significant volume of users. It’s a possibility that Google would like the opportunity to enter that fray with better ammunition than the Google News or Newsstand apps or web-based Google News service. If you’re thinking that the new Google App segment is identified as “FEED” like on Facebook, there is a difference. The “FEED” on Google is structured NOT on your social graph, but on your search history!

Google tweak not a change?

Looking at this issue objectively, perhaps not too much must be gathered from this change, because isn’t it just an interface tweak? View it this way, the features were already available, but now they’re organised and collated into a user-friendly package!

Google have established a reputation for an awareness of the material their users could be interested in reading. In the event of this new feature gaining popularity, they could discover that our search history offers a more reliable prediction to our news access habits. Google App offers you effectively, your Own Personal Google (NEWS). Yes, it’s another and convenient news option, but with the added incentive of you being directly involved in its structure!