5 Minecraft Christmas Gifts for the Super fans (2016)

Minecraft has been really popular in the past few years. If you are following Minecraft then gird up your loins to shop because Minecraft has a lot more for its users. Following are some Minecrafts products that you can buy for This Christmas.

Deluxe Diamond Sword

Like always, the Diamond has also been something worth having. Same here in Minecrafts having the Diamond Sword is a prestigious sign. It is basically for making resources instead of making points. It is really a heavy weapon in Minecraft. It has more power than any other sword already present. Furthermore, it has a great feature of lasting longer. A real fan of Minecraft would surely love to have this.


It is at the top of the gift list because of its uniqueness in real life. Deluxe Diamond Sword is made of plastic and it is 21 inches long. It will cost around $19.99.

Minecraft Gameband

This Gameband is really exciting for Minecraft users. This is not a normal band, but a digital band. It has all the backups of your games. You can just set it in the computer and choose your desired folder to be played or used. It has maps as well as those which are already built-in. When you are done with playing games and about to exit, it will backup your data on the cloud of Minecraft.


There are two types of Gameband which company features. Diamond design, which will cost you around $79.99 USD and then there is Redstone design, which is about $49.99 USD.

Diamond design is more in demand so there are chances of it being out of stock. That status may be changed later.


Creeper Hoodie

As its name suggests, it is creepy and  is intended to look similar to the Creeper in the game. It has green blocks printed all over it and furthermore, it has a scary face over it too. It looks more frightening than being creepier due to its design. You can give it to your loved ones, they will surely love it if they are real Minecraft fans.

It is being offered by several retailers. It is made up of cotton and it’s a zipper hoodie. You can zip it up  just to show off the scary face printed over.


Minecraft 4-Book Box Set

These are sets of four books. There are manuals of each and every technology whichever you use. These are basically manuals for games which you play on Minecraft. These four books include Construction Handbook, Combat Handbook, Redstone Handbook and Essential Handbook. The price of these all four books is $12.


Light-Up Diamond Cube

It is not an ordinary cube. It is designed as a cube, a diamond cube actually. So it has both, the designs of the cube and diamond as well. Its feature includes that it glows at night. There are three levels in it: low, medium and high. Each is about 3 inches. Its worth for $19.99.


Source: SlashGear