Uber Launches in Dhaka Bangladesh


Uber has finally launched its services in the streets and squares of Dhaka. People have appreciated the recently launched service. Uber is  an American startup; it allows people to avail cab services in a better manner. There has been a desperate need to resolve issues regarding travelling within a city. Thanks to Uber for sorting this out.

In developed cities traffic congestion is a major issue. Due to this, people prefer using cabs rather than personal transport. Driving yourself while going to work or rushing for a meeting, you end up being annoyed by the traffic jam and somehow your entire day is affected.

Uber provided a solution for this muddle and mess. It has launched a service more like has provided a platform to make you feel at ease. It helps in booking a ride. It is a third party company which does not own cars. People get registered themselves with their cars and Uber just manages them. If you have to go somewhere and want a cab so all you need to do is just use Uber application on your smart phone. Uber will consider all your provided requirements as a result, you will be provided with the nearest driver available. The nearest driver is supposed to consider it as soon as possible or else you demand is sent to the other driver nearby in order to facilitate you. Once the driver has accepted the ride, you will receive a call followed by a text with the driver name, picture and number. The driver is supposed to reach the destination within five minutes. Uber is currently functional in 450 cities.

Credit: uber.com / Shakib Al Hasan with Uber Driver

There are two methods of payment:

Paying via credit card:-

Once you have reached your destination, you have an option to pay via credit card. Uber application will deduct the due amount from your card.

Cash On delivery:-

You can just simply pay to the driver in cash. However, people prefer paying via credit card in Europe and Gulf while in Asia they prefer cash on delivery.

Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh and is over crowded with traffic. This service will help in reducing traffic jams and congestion. Uber is launched in Dhaka in partnership with Grameenphone. Grameenphone is a telecom company which is the currently largest telecom company in Bangladesh.



Despite of all the good things about Uber, still there are challenges to be rectified. Every country has a different environment so Uber needs to launch its services according to that.

Like, let’s consider Dhaka, it is the capital of Bangladesh. The Crime rate in Asia is way more as compared to Europe. There is more crime in the Asia region as compared to Europe. So, when a customer books a ride he/she doesn’t know much about the driver. The driver may kidnap or can mug the customer. Although Uber has his profile still you cannot do anything about it.

Secondly, if another competitor launches another such service in Dhaka, then how would they cope up with that? Will they need to make the services available at cheaper rates? What will be the impact of lowering the service charges?

These challenges should be addressed by Uber.