NextEV New NIO EP9 holds a Nürburgring world record


NextEv is basically a Chinese car company, which has launched its new brand called the NIO. It has launched an electric car called EP9 as well from its electric car series. This vehicle holds a world record even before its proper launch. It was tested on Nürbhurgring Nordschliefe test track in Germany and the results were quite astonishing.

This electric car has beaten the record at France’s Circuit Paul Ricard and the difference was 50 seconds. Following are some main specs of EP9.

  • 0-124mph speed of 7.1 seconds
  • Top speed of around 200mph
  • 0-60mph time of 2.7 seconds

If you see at last bullet point you will notice that it is 0.2 seconds slower than Tesla  P100D.

Tesla authorities say their P100D is the fastest car in the world so far. Here, EP9 has been announced as fastest electric car. If they both claim so, then there is a need to fetch actual results and that can be done by only one way, which is a race of both the vehicles and the fastest from them will be selected as the ultimate.

Coming back to EP9, the performance is remarkable. This car has juice of 265 miles if fully charged. The battery will be charged in just 45 minutes. The company has already announced this car as their best car both in class and vitrine as well.

Padmasree Warrior, who is president of NextEv for USA said that she always wanted to build something from zero level to high and she has achieved that thing by building this elegant EP9.

Super cars have also been inthe  news with their speed and sleek designs, but what makes them best among all is to prove that thing on track. Car manufacturers want to build many cars with their ideas, but the best idea is which can be implemented and desired results can be achieved from it. I think NextEv has achieved their results in form of EP9. It is only their debut car for the series EP in the brand NIO.

Credit: NextEV

NextEv has big competitors like Porsche and Tesla and when they have already proved themselves (Porsche with 918 Spyder and Tesla with P100d), So you need to beat them. NextEv is collaborating with a Chinese vehicle company JAC and launching a series of electric cars. Those cars will have different internet functions in them. The company has been building its brand by participating in Formula 1. Further, their new super car will also grab attention from around the world.

NextEv has not planned to go for super cars, but they are planning to stick to electric cars. They want to induct different technologies like interlinking connection between cars and want to improvethe  userexperience.

This company has firm plan to stick to their main motive and that is electric cars. They will keep researching about improvements in electric cars and delivering quality product like EP9. Lets wait and find what company is planning for the future?


Featured Image and Video: NextEV