WhatsApp now lets you Stream a Video before it finishes Downloading


WhatsApp has recently launched a new update after audio calling. This new feature will improve video watching for users. Now WhatsApp will not be requiring video to complete the download and then be watched. More like live video streaming site, video can be seen on your device as it begins downloading.

This feature is exclusively available for Android user and it will be soon out for iOS.

There were lots of complaints about videos on WhatsApp from the users as video was first downloaded and then can be viewed. Now those complaints have been rectified by the WhatsApp Team as people can save their time to watch videos even before it is downloaded.

WhatsApp did not push major update when it was not bought by Facebook. But now, WhatsApp is really bold in updates as it rolled out video calling feature earlier this month and now, this video streaming feature. There are rumors in tech lounges that WhatsApp is working on stories like snapchat as well.

Although WhatsApp has launched its calling features really late but still it gets the highest graph as it has the maximum users for social chat applications. First WhatsApp launched its audio calling feature which was quite popular and then later it launched video calling feature. Users were getting updated for video calling within this month WhatsApp has rolled out this video streaming feature.

Credit Whatsapp.com

Video streaming was a big issue for WhatsApp as all other competitors had better solutions for watching videos. So it was need of time for being at the top of social Apps to get rid of this problem. Now users can watch videos as soon as it start streaming like Facebook, YouTube or any other popular live streaming site.

Why it was required?

Time is Money:

It’s not Stone Age time now so people don’t really have time to first download video and then watch it. They want something as soon they click on that.

Lame or Funny:

Everyone has its own nature about his mood and time so when user will click the video, you can judge whether it is funny or lame. You can decide according to its mood that, should he watch or skip?

Save for Later:

If he clicks on video and find it interesting he can save that video to watch later. Previously, you had to download all the videos to watch whether those were of his interest or not.

Data Usage:

This was a big problem that is solved by WhatsApp that if user is running out of data you can just watch it for a while on your device instead of downloading the entire video.

WhatsApp is a really big fish in the pool so it cannot just let its competitors take its place easily. It is trying to make many updates after it has gone in to the hands of Facebook. Instagram has adopted stories from Snapchat and now WhatsApp is looking to adopt it as well. You cannot just build something and that’s it. You have to change your App according to need and requirement of your end users what they want? That’s what WhatsApp is doing.