How to save thousands of pounds with Martin Lewis


Who on this planet would not want to Save money? Martin Lewis has some really exciting ideas how to save money. He suggests some really simple and small life hacks through which you can save thousands of pounds in a year. Let’s discuss some of the ideas given by him for saving money. Make sure to follow them if you really want to save thousands of pounds.


Money saving expert told us how we can save money by just switching the supplier. All you need to do is just log on to his website and go to a cheap energy club. Sign up there and then tell them which tariff is you currently using. The site will analyze your tariff and then compare it to market and then, It will email you the best tariff which is offered by supplier in your area. This is how you can save that extra money which you are giving to your current supplier.

He has step by step guide for all the users. You can just log onto his website and start following his mentioned steps.


You can save up to £500 by just fitting water meter in your house. Just log onto this website  and see how much you can save. It has a water calculator as well through which you can calculate how much water you require for your home. You may save extra few pounds for the water you are using in your home.


Well, according to Martin Lewis you can save up to £360 a year just by analyzing your tv connections and choose it wisely. If you have a high spec Tv connection and you don’t watch all the channels on it then, what’s the need to have all those channels you don’t watch? Just get a reduced plan which suits you and which you actually watch.


This is really a big fish, you can save up to £1000 a year if you choose it wisely. There are many credit card companies which are offering 0% on transfer of balance. That means you will just have to pay for what you borrowed. No other service charges. Cool, isn’t it? Just switch to those credit card companies which are offering you 0%.


You can save hundreds of pounds from here also. Like, if you have enough cash laying around and you can buy a phone upfront sim free all you need to do is to buy a cheaper network sim for it. You can check your usage and its cheaper cost of online website like Just punch your all usage details in it, and it will show you the cheapest network and its package.


You can save up to £500 a year from it. Motor insurance prices are up nowadays and rumor is, they will further rise so you should search on multiple comparison websites. Just do not stick on one website and keep searching where you can find your cheapest rate.