15 Muslim Women to follow on Instagram for Fashion

Muslim Women

Recently Dolce and Gabbana has launched its hijab collection for women. A leading magazine called this as a very clever step in the industry. After watching the massive positive response from the industry, leading fashion brands have also started thinking to launch their products for Muslim women.

Muslim women from across the globe have also welcomed this step of leading brands. Now the trend has been changed and Muslim women are equally participating in every field of life as well. When you go out you should look good so nowaday people are brand conscious too. When you have nothing to wear of the brand you will ultimately wear some high street clothing which you may not like. If the same thing is of some renowned brand you will definitely wear it more confidently and can tell the people that it is of some fancy posh brand.

Following are top 15 accounts to follow for Muslim women fashion.

Maryam Asadullah:-

Maryam is basically working in the IT industry. When she made an account on Instagram she never thought she would become a Muslim Women fashion icon. She posted her first picture after that lot of followers start following her Instagram page. Later this list got into thousand of followers and now she is the brand ambassadorfor  many  high quality brands. You can follow her account at @sincerelymaryam.


Dianpelangi lives in Indonesia and basically a fashion designer. She has her fan following in the millions and she is also the brand ambassador for many companies. You can follow her account at @dianpelangi. She promotes hijabs i and she has a variety of hijabs on her profile to showcase.

Dina Torkia:-

She is not only a fashion celebrity, but she entertains as well. She has really good sense of humor. She has her own YouTube channel. You can follow her account at @dinatokio.

Jannah Kissmi:-

She was born in Malaysia and running her own business. She is a business and fashion celebrity. She has really nice collection of photographs on her instagram account that can leave an impactonone’s brain after watching them. You can follow her at @jannahkissmicom

Sana Siddiqui:-

She is a social worker and she belongs to new jersey. You may follow her at @sanias. Her specialty is firm and bold colors.

Lil Faraaah:-

She hasn’t discussed her origin that where is she from? But all we can get from her bio is this that she is a model and Law student as well you can follow her at @lilfaraaaah.

Sobia Masood:-

She is someone who has really studied fashion and now a fashion icon in the industry. Her Instagram account is @sobi1canobi.


She belongs to Sydney and she has mixed street wear with hijab, which is quite different and attractive also. You may find her at @fayaldrin

Maria Al-Sadek:-

She belongs to Alabama. She is more of a casual girl and she has introduced some really nice ideas to wear hijab with casual looks. You can follow her at @mariaalia.


She is also Indonesian but in addition to modellling, she is a fashion writer as well. She has really bold taste of fashion just look at her Instagram at @puterihasanahkarunia

Qistina Shah:-

She is student but with her fashion posts she has become a fashion icon in the industry. You

muslim women
Credit: instagram.com/withloveleena

may follow her account at @sqistinashah

Saufeeya Goodson:-

She has her own account, but she is cofounder of hijaabfashion as well. You can follow her at @feeeeya.

Leena Asad:-

Leena Asad belongs to Texas. She is a nurse by profession, but, She has some really

interesting posts about Muslim women fashion. Just look at @withloveleena


She is cofounder of @fashionvaletcom and @theduckgroup. She is from Malaysia and you can follow her at @vivyyusof.


She brings Californian fashion with hijab. She has her own business which deals with scarfs. You can follow her at @aboutthatwrap.


Source Huffingtonpost.com