Google’s Allo Predicts Emojis Artificial Intelligence

Google as the father of all has come up again with an interesting feature to introduce in its messaging app Allo. This feature will make emoji’s sharing much easier and smoother as it will predict from your text that, which emoji’s you want to use?
As Google has used Artificial Intelligence in it so Google has named it “Smart Smiley” just like “Smart Replies” in Allo. This feature of Allo predicts suitable emojis from the chat. Smart Smiley shall predict which smiley you want to choose after your text.

If you are planning for a trip, you may see car, bus or plane in Allo so you can choose whichever you want among them (or all of them). If you are planning for lunch or dinner you may find burger and pizza on your screen. Smart Smiley predicts from words and conversation you type so, its better you think twice before you right 😛
Although Apple has already launched this feature earlier but, Google claims that’s its Smart Smiley is much smarter than other app as it not only predicts from words but it gets from sentiments as well. Apple’s feature was just about words like if you write “happy” then there will be happy smiley but Google Smart Smiley will not only put forward its happy smiley after writing word “happy” but it will do so on sentiment as well. This is what makes Google different from others and this is much cooler as compared to others because, sometime you just cannot hit the proper word always to get the required smiley.
When we are texting to someone we prefer writing text and want to use less keyboard switching from text to smiley and smiley to text. This feature helps in not switching keyboards again and again while texting as it will just suggest in writing that which smiley you should choose for this specific talk.
Technology is changing very quickly so you have to pace yourself according to it. Best feature for user requirement is what make you on top of the list. For being there you should be having user’s required feature in your app and what makes you different from other is to do this with ease of user experience.

We have heard the word “User Friendly” many times, believe me this is what that will make your App on the top of the list. User will only use your app if it is easy to use. Although you have best logic and technology in it but it will be useless if user can use it.
This is what Google has done in Allo. Google mixed both the technology and ease of use and come up with this product Smart Smiley. User will experience much easy way of using smileys and emoji’s and they will prefer Allo app instead then other just because it is user friendly and predicts what you exactly want.Let’s see what more Google has for Allo to beat other social Apps.


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