Our Top Awesome Muslim Youtubers

top muslim youtubers

YouTube is now awash with millions of creators. While some of these are awesome creators, others have fallen short of the standard. We have come up with a list of top Muslim Youtubers who have been using their channels to keep us educated, well-informed and above all, entertained. Here is a list of top Muslim YouTubers you should subscribe to:

1. Dina Tokio

The first creator on our list is Dina Tokio; she is half English, half Egyptian. This beautiful vlogger is a multi-talented makeup artist; her YouTube channel boasts of quality videos where she displays how she goes about her excellent makeup. When she is not doing a makeup tutorial, she opens her lookbooks to show multiple coloured outfits.  If fashion and makeup are things that interest you, then you should visit her YouTube channel.

2. Amenakin

This beautiful diva is a popular vlogger who has been making quality videos since 2006. In addition to vlogging, Amenakin is a self-professed business woman who runs a company called “Pearl Daisy.” Through her company, she sells all kinds of clothes and accessories. Just like the average Muslim, her specialty is long clothes and hijabs. She uses her YouTube channels to post videos on makeup tutorial and other videos where she talks about life in general.

3. ZaidAliT

Although he has been absent from the YouTube scene for quite a while, ZaidAliT remains a top Muslim YouTuber who uses his channel to post funny videos and sketches about average Muslim parents and things most Muslims can relate to. Just visit his YouTube channel, and you would get an idea of what I am talking about

4. Adam Saleh

Adam Saleh is arguably one of the best and most popular Muslim YouTubers out there. Adam Saleh is an American with Yemeni roots; his channel is best known for its funny contents and prank videos. A visit to his channel would sure give you a reason to laugh.

5. FouseyTube

Yousef Erakat is best known for his hilarious videos on YouTube. This YouTuber is a very successful YouTuber who boasts of an overwhelming 9+ million subscribers. Through his YouTube videos, Yousef gets to reach millions of people who come to view his pranks and funny clips. With his beehives of subscribers, Yousef’s YouTube channel doubles as the most subscribed Muslim channel on YouTube.


Featured image credit Mvslim