Most Influential Muslims in the UK


Many Muslims have garnered influence from their keen practice of Islam and by simply being Muslims. In Islam, relevance is weighed by the influence a particular Muslim is able to command within the Muslim community, and how that influence has been of benefit to the community, whether in the world of Islam or in the representation of Islam to non-Muslims. In the UK, many Muslims have risen to prominence, most of which people can’t do without as far as the world’s affairs are concerned.

They represent Islam and promote its teachings in the global world given the calibre of people they have risen to become, either by reason of wealth, impact, or contribution to the society. Muslims in the UK who have become so influential will be highlighted in this piece; “influential” in this context involves “the acquisition of cultural power, ideological power, financial power, and political power” to effect changes capable of having a significant impact on Muslims everywhere.

Timothy John Winter AKA Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad

This British Sunni Muslim sheikh by the name Timothy John Winter is a renowned writer and researcher. He occupies the position of the dean of the Cambridge Muslim College Director of Studies at Wolfson College and the ShaykhZayed Lecturer in Islamic Studies at Cambridge University.

The 56-year-old was already being considered by some people as one of Britain’s most interesting Muslims given his works which include publications on Islamic theology and Muslim-Christian relations.

Timothy John Winter, also known as ShaykhAbdal Hakim Murad, had already worked his way to being recognized as one of the most influential Muslims in the UK. In 2003, Cambridge University awarded him the Pilkington Teaching Prize. And in 2007; his short booklet, Bombing without Moonlight, won him King Abdullah I Prize for Islamic Thought award. He is particularly pinpointed as Britain’s 50th most influential Muslim, even though some say he’s number one.

Sadiq Khan

Sadiq Khan is rated Britain’s Most Famous Muslim Politician. He is one influential Muslim who has emerged as the mayor of London since May 2016. Before his emergence as Mayor of London, he was the Member of Parliament (MP) for Tooting from 2005 to 2016. The 46-year-old has been ideologically characterized as a social democrat.

Being born to a working-class British Pakistani family in Tooting, South London, he gained a degree in Law from the University of North London. Subsequently, he worked as a solicitor with specialization on human rights, and he chaired Liberty for three years. Before he was elected MP for Tooting in 2005, he served as a Counselor for the London Borough of Wands worth from 1994 to 2006. Later on, he was appointed to serve as Minister of State for Communities in 2008 after which he became the Minister of State for Transport. Given his achievements, he is being rated as one of Britain’s most influential Muslims.

Nazir Ahmed, Baron Ahmed

Nazir Ahmed, Baron Ahmed is considered one of Britain’s most influential Muslims. He is currently a member of the British House of Lords as appointed on the recommendation of Prime Minister Tony Blair in 1998. Many of his activities on the political scene relate to the Muslim community both in and outside the UK.

He was a member of the Labor Party but he was later suspended from the party in 2013 due to allegations of anti-Semitism. Reports had it that he put the blame on Jewish conspiracy for a prison sentence he received following a fatal motorway crash. Later that same year, Ahmed resigned from Labor Party. Despite the latter complications and uprising in the career and life of Nazir Ahmed, he is still being recognized as one of the most influential Muslims in the UK.