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Daydream View
Google Daydream View Review Google Daydream View is one high tech gadget that promises to revolutionize the world of internet and Virtual Reality. The brand new Google Daydream View has been designed to give Android users a chance to enjoy and explore Virtual Reality.
The Daydream View, which is based on Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL Smartphones has been sleekly designed, so it may work with a number of Android Smartphones in the future. Once connected to your mobile device, it gives users a 360-degree experience with games, panoramic pictures, and videos.
Although similar technologies like the Samsung Gear VR and Alcatel VR goggles boast of similar specs and functions, the Google Daydream View is in a league of its own as it comes with an impressive tiny remote which the plastic Samsung Gear VR and Alcatel VR goggles lack.
The sleek design and fabric used to coat the Google Daydream View are arguably more comfortable than those used by its competitors, making it a must-have for Virtual Reality enthusiasts. Just in case you don’t know, the tech world now belongs to Virtual Reality enthusiasts because they are the dreamers that help reshape the future.

The Google Daydream View is inexpensive when compared to prices of other VR headsets. This Virtual Reality headset cost $79 in the United States, £69 in the UK, $199 in Australia. This makes it $20 (£10, AU$40) cheaper than similar headsets like Samsung’s Gear VR.
Design and Comfort
The Google Daydream View is arguably same size and shape with a regular VR headset, except that the Google Daydream View is coated with exotic looking fabric, this distinct fabric gives more essence to Google’s taste for material design.
The material used to cover the Daydream View comes in three colours (Slate, Snow, and Crimson) giving customers different varieties to choose from.
The design of the fabric makes it comfortable to wear. Similarly, the single elastic band is designed to comfortably fasten the headset to your noggin. Another area where Google got it right is that the Daydream View comes with a washable face pad, which allows users to wash them when they get dirty. Before I forget, the Daydream View also works perfectly for people wearing glasses.
When it comes to setting up your Google Daydream View, it is incredibly simple; all you need to do is to carefully insert either a Google Pixel or Google Pixel XL between the headsets. Nonetheless, the Google Pixel is limited to 1080p Full HD display when compared to Pixel XL which boasts of a Quad HD display. Both Smartphones are secured when fastened to the top latch of the Google Daydream VR headset.
Remote Control
The Google Daydream View comes with a beautifully customized remote control which gives users the thrill of a 360-degree experience when playing games or watching videos.
This remote control is quite easy to set up as it is connected via Bluetooth without having to scroll through any setting. The Daydream View remote controller comes with two buttons, one to increase volume and the other one serves as a trackpad, making navigation smooth and pleasant. The remote control is also motion controlled, making it perfect for playing racing and adventure games. When you are done using the remote control, there is a provision inside the headset to help fasten it in.
Google got it right with the Daydream View by including a remote control; this is because other headsets like the Samsung Gear VR failed to provide remote controls, hence users had to invest more money by buying a third party remote control. If you are a tech lover like me, then you should spend your money on the Google Daydream View as it offers a better user experience and value for money.


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