The New Sony PS4 Pro Review

ps4 pro

The highly anticipated PS4 Pro has been released after months of waiting. The PS4 Pro, which is nicknamed “the PlayStation Neo”, is now available for sale to gamers. This new high-powered release is an upgrade to the PS4 which has already sold millions of units.

One unique feature of the Pro version is its rock solid console that has been improved in no small measure; the new consoles now come with larger memory sizes and higher resolutions.

This new PS4 Pro is arguably one of Sony’s best technologies yet. Like with every new version, the PS4 Pro is not just prettier in design or faster in speed; the PS4 is equally capable of playing games in 4k HDR. Consequently, if you haven’t ordered for your PlayStation 4 yet, the Play Station Pro should be on your list of top gadgets to buy. Below is what makes the PS4 Pro so unique:

ps4 pro


  • The new PS4 Pro is slightly bigger than PS4; it has an additional USB port at the rear and boasts of an upgraded version of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies. Although the design of the PS4 Pro may not have completely replicated the design of the PS4, both devices still have lots of similarities. In both devices, the console is kept on a flat parallelogram.
  • When compared with the original PS4’s size of 27.5 x 30 x 5.3 cm, the PS4 Pro size of 29.5 x 32.7 x 5.5 cm will occupy more shelf space as its wider and taller than the PS4 and it’s a bit heavier. Nonetheless, unless you are someone who moves from one place to another, the weight shouldn’t be much of a headache.
  • This new gadget is housed in a matte black shell, similar to those of PS4. However, the design is rid of the rounded edges found on PS4. PS4 Pro is sleek and sharp in design.

One clear difference between the PS4 Pro and PS4 is the new silver logo that sits right in the centre, just on the topmost part of the game; this new logo design gives the PS4 Pro its essence and elegance. The other not-too-significant difference is the power cable of the PS4 Pro which makes use of a bulkier connector that generates more power instead of the traditional generic two-prong capable the PS4 uses.

While the exterior might look elegant and beautiful, it is the internal specs of the games that catch most people’s attention. The new PS4 Pro comes with a larger memory space of 500 GB, that’s more than what you will find on any PS4. The PS4 Pro also comes with an improved Wi-Fi technology that uses a dual band of 802.11ac, and an upgraded Bluetooth 4.0. Although most gamers might not consider an improve Wi-Fi much of a big deal, it sure comes handy when downloading large games from the internet.

PS4 Pro controller

There are only a few minor changes made to the controller that is shipped with the PS4 Pro; it comes with a light bar built into the dual-shock pad, which makes it easier for gamers to know what player they are without flipping the controller over. Also, the vibrations have been tweaked down a little.

ps4 pro

Like every other technology, the PS4 Pro has its letdowns. One of such letdown is that the PS4 Pro doesn’t function at a full optimum capacity except you buy other firmware like a 4k TV or PlayStation VR which are equally expensive. The upgrade of frame rate to 500 GB isn’t seen as such an important feat as most gamers do not see much difference between the PS4 Pro and the PS4. Overall, though, the PS4 Pro is must have for gamers, especially those who have the extra cash to acquire a 4k TV or a PlayStation VR.

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