Vixole Matrix E-sneaker


I’m sure you guys have all seen the new Back to the Future film inspired Nike High tops with the auto-lace thingy, you was only able to get your hands on one if you donated to The Michael J. Fox Foundation putting you into a raffle system.

Well if you guys were unlucky with this don’t worry a new footwear company Vixole has just made footwear just Smarter and way cooler.

With a little help from crowdfunding on indegogo, Vixole will be creating some decent looking Smart Footwear. Vixole aims to put thousands of personalized designs an photos on your footwear straight from your smart phone instantly. So if you want to have a picture of your pet Goldfish you can now do that.

Vixole footwear is connected with 8 different sensors with an open API to go crazy with ideas, have your footwear react to your phone playlist.

Check this video

Featured Image Credit Vixole