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Muslim Pro App the most trusted Prayer Timetable App

The Muslim Pro is the most famous, popular and recognized app among the Muslims. Currently, more than 30 million Muslims around the world recognize the app as the most accurate prayer time.
Muslims all over the world have more than enough reasons to be happy because the Muslim Pro is now lighter and better especially after the company released a new version of the app for Android on the Google Play Store. If you have been using the app, then I bet you have now noticed a big change. Precisely, the size of the app is now smaller than it used to be. In fact, it has been reduced by at least 30%.
Now, the size of the file a user downloads to install Muslim Pro app on his or her phone is now less than 20 MB down from 31 MB. Because of the decreased size of the APK file, it will be saving you 10 MB space whenever you are either downloading or updating the app on your mobile device.

Muslim Pro
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Why the new version is important

The company knows very well that mobile data can be very expensive for many of their users especially those people in emerging markets. Every time you are downloading an app, it uses data and therefore costs you money. On the same note, updating the app also costs you data, which means it costs you money.

So, the Muslim pro team thought it wise to reduce the size of the app so that when you download or try to update it, you’ll take a shorter time. By reducing the time you’ll take to download the app, the cost of the mobile data will also be reduced. The same applies when you are updating the app.

How the company managed to make Muslim Pro App better and lighter

The Muslim Pro Team has been working tirelessly to ensure that they optimize the source code of their app with an aim of making it better and lighter – more efficient. The main target of the team was to significantly reduce the size of the app, but still, maintain its high performances, and to ensure that they don’t compromise even a single feature of Muslim pro. Even Muslim Pro users have not seen any difference in the app features because the team managed to make the app more efficient behind the scene.

Actually, the app takes less time to update or download but it still looks the same. What the team cares more about is not for the Muslim pro users to notice the new features including a new icon, but to help all the users all over the world.

The Muslim Pro Team is dedicated to ensuring true achievements by working continuously on improving the app. Apart from creating new features; the team continues to work tirelessly to improve the overall performances of the app.

You can download the Muslim Pro App free of charge for your Android or iPhone. The good news is that the app is now very fast to download – thanks to the team behind reducing the size of the APK file.