HijUp Muslim fashion ecommerce gets funding


Back at it again with another brand Hijup Lauched in 2011 aiming at the modest fashion world Hijup founded in Indonesia and has become to be one of the largest Muslim fashion site. Hijup features clothing designs from over 100 fashion designers.

Some of the designers work available on Hijup includes Dian Pelangi and Jehanara these guys are very well known in Indonesia. The Site is now hoping to expand globally after they recently grabbed some seed investment from 500 Startups, Fenox, and Skystar Capital based in Jakatra.

hijupWe did some check after Hijup claimed it received well over 1.6 Million Unique Visitors just in year 2014, and that a small percentage of that was from outside the Birth country for Hijup, this was confirmed with some checks online by us at Absolute.

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