OnePath Network – Australia’s First Ever Islamic Film

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The Australian film industry has its beginnings with the 1906 generation of The Story of the Kelly Gang, the most punctual component film ever constructed. From that point forward, numerous films have been delivered in Australia, various which have gotten global acknowledgment. Numerous on-screen characters and filmmakers began their vocations in Australian films, an expansive number of whom have obtained worldwide notorieties, and various whom have discovered more prominent financial advantages in professions in bigger film producing centers,  for example, in the United States.

OnePath Network, the Sydney based Islamic film Production studio produced its 1st film “Last Chance” in silver screens all over Australia amid the month of October.  The Premier of the Islamic film will be hung on Thursday 13 October beginning 6.30 pm at The Water view, Sydney Olympic park.

OnePath Network, a non-profit association is coming to over the world with its online content that incorporates talks, interviews, news, current issues, group concerns and Islamic film, Islamic critique on world occasions.

Sydney has quite recently had its first look at privately created Islamic films – and it has demonstrated a huge hit. Australia’s 1st Islamic film production studio, OnePath network, has made the nation first since forever Islamic short film, “Last chance”. The film was composed and coordinated by OnePath’s own Kamal Saleh, who is notable for his wonderful da’wah on the system’s “Talk Islam” channel.

The aggressive venture has assumed control over a year to finish, and was screened in silver screens surprisingly throughout the weekend to four totally sold out sessions. The film has been popular to the point that the studio has chosen to visit Australia with it, with offer out sessions in four of Australia’s capital urban communities, with a potential for additional. The film highlights the effective Muslim live speaker, Mohamed Hoblos, who numerous individuals know from his show on the system’s “Living Muslim” channel.

The film’s plot rotates around a young fellow, disappointed with his life and small means. His loved ones attempt to bolster him and help him look for some kind of employment, yet he finds an apparently less demanding approach to profit. His decisions will effectsly affect him and everyone around him. As indicated by OnePath’s General Administrator, Ahmed Bassal, request in the UK has been breathtaking, with numerous other European urban communities likewise asking for the Islamic film.

He told IlmFeed, We have been staggeringly lowered and astonished by the worldwide interest for the film, with the lion’s share of that originating from the UK, Sweden, Norway and the USA”,

Malaz Majanni, the system’s CEO, said, “It has been an extremely energizing time for us at the studio, it appears the entire world is pretty much as amped up for this project as we may be”.

At the point when inquired as to why the film was so well known, Majanni answered, “I think the message is general, this is something that Muslims confront as well as, we’ve had numerous non-Muslims go to and appreciate the Islamic film. We additionally endeavor to deliver content that is 100% halal, so no musical instruments were utilized as a part of the Islamic film, and no impropriety of any sort. I think the group values having the capacity to go and accomplish something fun with the family that they can trust doesn’t trade off their convictions”.