Google Maps Now Lets Users Order Food Delivery

google maps

It just got way easier to order take away.

If you thought that ordering quality food online couldn’t get any easier, Google is here to prove you all wrong.

A recent update to the Google Maps Application on the iOS adds a “Place an Order” option directly in the app. The new feature cannot be accessed everywhere yet, though it is available in most major cities so check your IOS Map. But bare this in mind it doesn’t actually let you order the food directly from you’re app it just makes it more easy and streamlined for you.


This is how the Ordering works: Users need to click on any of the chosen restaurants in Google Map App to get more information about the Restaurant, and then if you like what you see, just click the option where it says “place an order”. You can then choose from whichever of the food delivery applications where the restaurant is available, these ones here Seamless and GrubHub are a few. Google Maps will then redirect you the user to the delivery service provider of your choice.

This isn’t just the only new feature inside Google Maps: The app now allows its users to either take a photo directly from the app or upload one that they’ve already taken, this is very good for all those Google Map contributors. Users can also drop a pin to find a location’s plus code, very handy, which is an identifier for a place that doesn’t have the street address yet listed.

google maps